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Statistics say that 72% of people who have tattoos, make sure that clothing covers up their designs. Also, it looks like tattoos are more popular amongst people with higher education. And as years go by, even more and more people decide to join the tattoo club. Celebrities are a big influence, since their image also becomes inspiration for other people’s tattoo choices.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves seeing new designs and knowing more information about the meaning of tattoos.

1. Kaley Cuoco turned her marriage-inspired tattoo into a moth

The original tattoo below Kaley’s neck was the date of her wedding to Ryan Sweeting written in Roman numerals. After their divorce, the actress decided to cover up the wedding date with a moth image. The tattoo needed to be large enough to cover the previous pattern, that’s why Kaley chose a big moth with big wings.

2. Rihanna made a tribute to her grandmother

Known for making bold statements, Rihanna debuted a massive tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis in 2012 right below her chest. It coud have multiple meanings but the ink is actually a tribute to her late grandmother.

3. Drew Barrymore and her mantra

America’s sweetheart previously shared the cute little body art she got for her kids — a tattoo of their names on her wrist. But she recently upgraded it with what she dubbed as her “lifetime note,” and she did it live on an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show. The new tattoo reads “Home is where we are,” and she said that the phrase has been her mantra for the last 5 years.

In an emotional behind-the-scenes video, a teary-eyed Barrymore explained to the audience that she used to live in rental apartments, and she was feeling sad for not living the life she planned for her kids. But that’s when it also hit her, that home can be anywhere, as long as they are together.

4. Justin Bieber with a reminder for himself

Justin loves getting different peculiar tattoos all over his body, and this one is no exception. Even though it’s written in a messy font, it serves as a reminder to him. “I look back at a lot of things in my life, mistakes, insecurities, and although I have felt I’ve wasted a lot of time, it also makes me want to be better faster! For me personally, I want to work every day to be BETTER AT 70,” explained the singer.

5. David Beckham and his daughter’s drawing

David has a lot of tattoos all over his body dedicated to his wife and children. With all of them, he has a very tender and understanding relationship. Sometimes, he even lets them become the designers of his new tattoos that he happily adds to his tattoo collection.

6. Dax Shepard’s unconventional wedding band

When Kristen Bell’s hubby appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host noticed a tiny emblem on Shepard’s ring finger. When she asked him about it, the comedian admitted that he isn’t fond of wearing jewelry, and jokingly said that he still felt obliged to warn women that he was taken, so he went for an unconventional wedding band.

Luckily, his wife’s last name is also an object that he can easily tattoo on his finger. He added that the bell pattern also features the letters “K, L, and D” — which are the initials of the couple and their firstborn daughter.

7. Angelina Jolie gave her tattoo a deeper meaning

Angelina Jolie devoted her dragon tattoo to her then-husband Billy Bob Thornton. After the couple split, the actress covered this ink with the coordinates of places her children come from. Angelina is a big fan of tattoos and she reportedly has more than 15 of them on her body.

8. Ariana Grande has a tattoo for the Manchester Arena victims

To remember the Manchester Arena victims, the singer got a tattoo of a bee near her ear. Bees are a symbol of Manchester which stands for hard work.

9. Paris Jackson keeping her dad closer to her

In loving memory of her father, Michael Jackson, Paris got the world “Bad” tattooed on her hand. The artwork was done in red and in exactly the same font that appeared on Michael’s album that was released back in 1987.

10. Brooklyn Beckham’s family code

David Beckham’s tattoo represents his sons and daughters. His oldest son Brooklyn Beckham decided to do the same and got a minimalistic tattoo “020511.” These numbers stand for the years of birth of his brothers and sister: 02 — Romeo, 05 — Cruise, 11 — Harper.

11. And Brooklyn’s love letter from his wife

Brooklyn Beckham recently exchanged “I Do’s” with model Nicola Peltz. Even before their wedding, the two already shared their public displays of affection on social media. However, a rather more permanent declaration of Beckham’s love can be seen through a sizeable tattoo on his back.

The eyes on his neck are assumed to be Peltz’s, and below it is a text from his former fiancée’s love letter.

It reads, “My forever boy, read this anytime you feel anxious. I want you to know how deeply loved you are. You have the kindest heart I’ve ever met, and I hope I never go a day without your love. I think you are so incredible. Just know, we can get through it all together if you breathe slow and trust. I love you beyond. Love always, Your future wifey.”

12. Miley Cyrus has tattoos of her dogs

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to getting tattoos and has dozens of them. But 2 of them are dedicated to her dogs Mary Jane and Emu so she can keep them with her forever.

13. Vin Diesel’s tribute to Paul Walker

In 2013, Paul Walker died in a car accident. Back then, in order to always remember his best friend, Vin Diesel got a huge tattoo with eyes and wings that every Paul Walker fan is familiar with.

14. Bindi Irwin inked her daughter’s name while also remembering her late dad

The daughter of the famous Australian crocodile hunter and wildlife icon Steve Irwin, now has a child of her own, whom she named Grace Warrior. Bindi said that the second name was a tribute to her dad’s legacy of being an incredible fighter and advocate for the wildlife.

In an Instagram post, she shared that she inked “Graceful Warrior” in her father’s handwriting, to keep his memory with her forever. She also imprinted an alligator on her skin, which represents her pet, Daisy, and her work in wildlife conservation.

15. Lady Gaga’s mouse as a tribute to her little sister

Lady Gaga says that the tattoo of a mouse on her arm is dedicated to her little sister Natali. The singer called her Mouse when they were small. The details of the tattoo also matter. The mouse holds a needle that represents Natali’s love for designing clothes and the thread around the animal’s legs makes the name Nat.

Do you have any tattoos yourself? If so, do they have any special meanings?

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