Jennifer Lopez, 54, Faces Mockery for Revealing Met Gala Outfit, Deemed “Too Old for See-Through Attire”

6 days ago

Jennifer Lopez showcased her unparalleled style at the prestigious 2024 Met Gala. Taking her place alongside Zendaya, Chris Hemsworth, and Bad Bunny as a co-chair, she exuded her signature charm and elegance on the iconic Met steps. While her beauty remained undeniable, opinions were split on her outfit selection.

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Embracing the Garden of Time theme, the 54-year-old Lopez captivated in a sheer Schiaparelli Haute Couture gown adorned with sparkling details reminiscent of butterfly wings. She flawlessly complemented her ethereal ensemble with exquisite jewelry from Tiffany & Co., elegantly finishing the look with a slightly tousled topknot hairstyle.

Her gown, a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, demanded over 800 hours of meticulous hand embroidery. Bedecked with 2,500,000 silver foil bugles and beads, its magnificence extended beyond the front; from every angle, including the back, it radiated pure elegance.

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Online fans showered the star with praise, celebrating her glamorous selection and enviable physique. One supporter exclaimed, “Incredible. She’s an inspiration.” Another fan chimed in, “Gorgeous and stunning as always!”

However, not everyone was impressed with JLo’s appearance, as some felt it was too revealing. One online observer commented, “Looks like Jenny did her own hair and makeup, appearing tired and too old for see-through attire.” Another opined, “She’s getting older, so she’s trying too hard.” Another observer also remarked on the star’s neck, stating, ’’That neck don’t lie. She looks tired.’’

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In addition, there were many onlookers who couldn’t ignore the apparent unhappiness of the star, particularly noting the absence of her husband, Ben Affleck, from the event. One observer remarked, “Looks beautiful but seems unhappy. Problems in paradise?” prompting a significant number of concerned fans to inquire, “Where’s Ben?”


By the way, just before that, Jennifer Lopez revealed that her marriage to Ben Affleck isn’t picture-perfect and shared some of the struggles they’ve been facing.

Preview photo credit ANGELA WEISS/AFP/East News, DPRF/STAR MAX/IPx/Associated Press/East News


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