20 People Whose Camouflage Skills Are on Point, Even If by Accident

2 years ago

Some people have chameleon-like skills. Without even trying, they manage to flawlessly match what’s around them, whether it be cars, walls, carpets, etc. It makes for some eye-catching photos and fun memories.

Now I’ve Seen Everything presents you with a few people who’ve mastered the art of blending in.

1. “Went to an ’80s party this weekend. My shirt matched the wall covering.”

2. “It’s perfect.”

3. “My shirt matched my pasta bowl last night.”

4. “I was lying down under a tree when I realized that I blended into the ground.”

5. “My shoes blend in with the carpet at work.”

6. “My smoothie this morning matched my sweater perfectly.”

7. “The way my cousin’s sweater closely matches the seats of this bus”

8. “I sat in front of this window for 2 hours and no one bothered to say anything. Rude.”

9. “My scarf matched the hotel carpet pretty well.”

10. “My 3-year-old against his great-grandma’s carpet”

11. “My partner got a pair of socks that almost perfectly match our carpet flooring.”

12. “Love how it looks like there’s part of my jacket that’s chroma-keyed out and the rest is perfectly opaque.”

13. “My new wallet and my pants”

14. “My buddy and this chair — yes, I’m friends with jeans, nothing more in the photo.”

15. “My roommate and her phone case”

16. “I lost my legs for a second.”

17. “My girlfriend’s skirt whilst looking at pebbles on the beach”

18. “Lost my little nephew on this sheet. Help!”

19. “My friend has a sweatshirt that looks exactly like her blanket.”

20. “I got a new shirt and it matches my Kleenex box.”

What photos with accidental camouflage or weird perspectives do you have? Share them with us!


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