25 Times People Were Unbelievably Lucky to Find Real Treasures in Vintage Stores

2 years ago

Some people might think that vintage things are outdated, but for many, thrift shopping is a chance to score real gems. You can find items that are truly valuable and breathe new life into pieces of clothing that may seem dull at first glance. And although thrifting isn’t for everyone, those who master the art of it will be rewarded with truly unique items.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything love the bittersweet taste of nostalgia you feel when you look at vintage things. And we want to share some cool pictures that may inspire you to look for the nearest thrift store.

1. “I was sorting through a huge box of antique/vintage photos I had bought. Imagine the shock when I noticed we have the exact same painting over our mantles!”

2. “Jantzen suit, 1957”

3. “A vintage Pan Am bag that I found at an antique mall”

4. “Me in my 1960s vintage mod dress paired with a vintage car”

5. “Found this radio at a garage sale for $7.”

6. “Earrings from the 1930s!!! How cool!”

7. “Just bought this unique bar cart at the local thrift shop!”

8. “Me in my vintage winter cape I found in a vintage store in Missoula”

9. “I just got this lamp off the curb. My grandparents had one when I was younger. Not going to lie, I’m really happy.”

10. “Found these chairs a couple of weeks ago and paid just $45!”

11. “Check out this cool vintage egg chair! It’s really comfy too.”

12. A 1950s green velvet dress

13. “Check out my beautiful 1953 Bulova wristwatch. I thought I’d share it here because you all enjoyed my grandmother’s ring so much! This watch is 10k white gold with 6 tiny diamonds. I just wish I had the original box!”

14. “Wanted to share this shelf I found at an estate sale! I’m still trying to fill the shelves!”

15. “Picked this up at a flea market.”

16. “This is a barber chair that’s been in my family since the 1930s. It belonged to my great grandfather and his son after him, serving in their shop for years. It was made in Italy from Estonian wood.”

17. “I found this beauty the other day.”

18. A 1956 Motorola 56CD radio

19. “My dad’s vintage BMW R-4 from 1934”

20. A Herman Miller marshmallow sofa

21. “Love the tea paraphernalia, but look at that beautiful cart!”

22. “Found these beautiful parrot lamps!”

23. “Just got my great grandmother’s glasses fixed up and fitted with my own prescription!! Not sure how old they are, but they’re probably from the 1960s. Thrilled to be able to keep her style in the family.”

24. An Ama Casa Pupo vintage rug

25. “Found this 1950s polyester dress for an absolute STEAL at $9 today.”

Do you own any vintage items that you’d never replace with something modern?

Preview photo credit Accidental_Tica / Reddit


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