11 Comics That Show What Sacrifices Women Make Daily for the Sake of Beauty

2 weeks ago

Women have to get over various difficulties in order to stay beautiful every day. For example, they need to thoroughly choose nail polish colors or conduct numerous experiments with their brows until the right shape is found. Not to mention the quest they must go on to find the right hairdresser — this task is definitely an uphill battle.

You never know what another visit to the hairdresser will end with.

But even the perfect hairstyle can disappear in a couple of hours, even though you paid quite a bit for it.

The work of brow masters, as a rule, is visible only to brow owners.

When we go in for a manicure, hoping to get a solid nail color, oftentimes, this happens.

Sometimes, it’s the other way around. The nail artist is finishing treating your last nail but you still haven’t chosen the color you want.

We oftentimes have to test our endurance for the sake of beauty.

The worst part is that after some time, all our efforts “turn into a pumpkin.”

And the time to undergo a whole new bunch of procedures always comes unexpectedly.

It’s not that easy to stay slim throughout the day.

The main thing to remember is that we have to finance all these procedures ourselves. After all, beauty requires sacrifice!

Still, there is a line that some of us are not ready to cross no matter what people say about beauty and the sacrifices we make to achieve it.

Tell us what beauty procedures you like and which ones you can’t stand. Do you think women should visit beauty salons? Or are they beautiful by nature?


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