11 Things That Prove the Saying “You Get What You Pay For”

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It’s quite reasonable to make purchases in accordance with your budget. But suppose we try to save on everything either by buying cheap copies of expensive goods or getting a service from an unprofessional person. In that case, this might lead to very unpredictable results causing us to spend even more money than we originally intended. And as the old wisdom says, “buy cheap, buy twice.”

Lip fillers

It often happens that women are more interested in the cost of this procedure rather than in whether the beautician has a medical degree and all of the necessary certificates.

However, it’s not safe to use the services of unscrupulous and unprofessional beauticians. Not only is there a risk of infection and clogged blood vessels, but the filler can also migrate outside of the lips, resulting in bumps or scarring. So, it’s really important to find a beautician who is an expert in this field before going for this procedure.

Office chair

A comfortable office chair is needed not only at work but also at home. After all, we often work from home too. A chair that is uncomfortable for you can lead to back, neck, and shoulder problems.

First of all, you should pay attention to the adjustable backrest, lumbar support, and upholstery materials. The fabric should be breathable, and it’s best to avoid a seat that is too soft or too hard.

Face cream

Each skin type, even oily skin, needs moisturizing, especially in the winter. It’s best to buy a thicker facial cream for the cold season, which contains the necessary amount of nutrients. Cheaper options may just be useless.

In winter, many people don’t think about protecting their skin from the sunlight, which is wrong because the winter sun is as intense as the summer sun. Some moisturizers have SPF, and they are usually more expensive than those without it. But keep in mind that the health of your skin is at stake.

Warm socks

Socks are intended to keep our feet warm in cold weather, and absorb sweat. Some people even wear them as home shoes, so it’s necessary to choose our socks wisely.

A mixture of wool and acrylic is best to keep your feet warm in the winter. There are also socks made of merino wool — they perfectly retain heat, and absorb and remove moisture from the skin. But merino wool socks can be pretty expensive.

Socks made of pure wool are warm, of course, but they are quite rough and prickly, so your feet may feel itchy in them. On the other hand, socks made of plush (which contains polyester) are pleasant to the touch, but they won’t make you feel warm.

Cooking pots

Many people tend to save on cookware by buying cheaper pots or using those that they inherited from their grandmothers. But even non-professional cooks say that cooking in high-quality pots is much more convenient.

Food often sticks and burns in cheap cookware because it gets heated unevenly. While high-quality pots will last for years, and cooking will be fun with them.

When buying a pot, pay attention to the material it’s made from. For example, copper cookware is not good for electric or ceramic stoves.


Many people don’t tend to think about the quality of the insoles in the new shoes they’ve just purchased. They just wear them, and then buy new insoles after the old ones have worn out. But it’s worth mentioning that many shoe manufacturers make insoles with minimal foot support. Because of this, feet may feel uncomfortable in them, and shoes might wear out faster.

If your shoes are not custom-made, it makes sense to buy good insoles. You can find them at a specialized store where a consultant can help you make a choice, or a doctor can help you with this if you have foot problems.

Of course, you’ll have to spend some money on new insoles, but your feet will be comfortable. And for winter, there are even special fur-lined insoles that’ll help your feet feel warm and cozy.

Phone case

Modern smartphones are usually quite expensive. This is why they need good phone cases for protection. It’s great if a phone case is comfortable and nice-looking, but the main thing is the material it’s made from.

Silicone and rubber are more likely to absorb the shock if the phone is dropped. Plastic cases don’t absorb shock well, so they can’t provide the proper protection.

Bed linens

Many people choose bedding made of cotton because it is natural and relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, bed linens made from this fabric are not as good as they seem. Cotton absorbs moisture, creating a suitable environment for the reproduction of various microorganisms. In addition, this material wears out quickly.

It’s better to choose silk bedding. It is more costly, but this material is hypoallergenic, more durable, and also very pleasant to the touch.


In winter, the air at home becomes drier. And when the humidity level is too low, different microorganisms tend to spread more quickly. A humidifier can solve this problem. Many people already have one, but not all of them have noticed positive changes in their environment. Perhaps they chose the wrong device.

It’s best to choose a modern humidifier over a simple, cheap one. It is usually less noisy, has an air humidity sensor, and turns off when the necessary level of humidity has been reached.

By the way, you should descale the device regularly. This is why it’s worth checking whether the chosen model is easy to clean before buying it.


The human brain perceives light even during sleep. So, if too much of it enters a room, your heartbeat can quicken. And this can lead to negative consequences when it comes to your health.

It’s better to choose blackout curtains — they block almost 100% of the outside light. So your eyes will be able to relax as much as possible, and you’ll be able to sleep comfortably.

Toilet paper

Even though some of us can’t imagine our life without toilet paper, there is a better alternative. Nowadays, many people tend to replace toilet paper with wet wipes. Unlike dry paper, which can leave some impurities behind and run out pretty quickly, wet wipes are more effective. They disinfect the skin and leave it fresh. Doctors also recommend using them.


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