15 Weird Purchases That Seemed to Be Useless at First but Eventually Brought So Much Joy

year ago

Even those who are not prone to impulse purchases can sometimes buy things that seem to be totally useless. A salt shaker in the shape of a hippo, a 2-inch cactus, or a wooden spoon with the image of Yoda on it — all these things don’t seem to be important, but they bring joy to their owners every day.

“I bought a 2-inch cactus at a store 15 years ago, today it bloomed for the first time ever.”

“I bought a grabber tool so I can collect garbage on my walks. I pick up 1-2 bags every time.”

“I wanted to give my husband something unique for his 32nd birthday. I finally found a designer silk robe. His face lit up when he opened the gift until we realized it was actually a women’s robe. But it suited him well.”

“Look at this dog bed I bought online!”

“I just bought these at a flea market, they’re salt and pepper shakers.”

“I got a new shelf for my beloved plants.”

“I’m 30 years old, and I bought a tent for movie nights. My cats decided it is no longer my tent.”

“I told my dad to buy a shirt that suits me, and he bought this.”

This transparent tent with a sunset view of Mount Rainier

“My girlfriend bought me these amazing Star Wars wooden spoons.”

“My friend just bought this car. It’s a 1938 something.”

“I just bought my first longboard at 36, haven’t rode since 17. Too old? Who cares.”

“This thing legitimately cracked me up when I got it.”

“I bought a new statue for my guest bathroom. I call it ‘The Stinker.’ The wife is not amused...”

“I asked my husband to buy some cheap plastic drinking cups so that we don’t potentially break glasses while handling them. This is what he bought. And no, we don’t have kids.”

These photos were shared by ordinary people who wanted to show their unusual purchases. Do you have unusual things at home that have become priceless to you over time? Share their photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit ArchieFartsy / Reddit


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