Julia Roberts Has Left People Speechless With a Bold and Radical Change of Image at the Age of 56

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Julia Roberts got everyone talking when she debuted a new hairstyle. She surprised everyone with her new hair color, though some believe she looks best with her signature red hair.

For a long time, actress Julia Roberts was out of the public eye. The last time we saw her, she had long chestnut hair with bangs. This look was beloved by Julia’s fans and the actress herself. However, for the summer season, Roberts decided to give her appearance a new and fresh vibe.

Julia Roberts’ trusted colorist, Kadi Lee, took to Instagram to unveil the actress’s bold new look — she’s swapped out her soft brown locks for a stunning golden blonde. Lee explained in her post that she approached the transformation gradually to ensure Roberts’ hair stayed healthy throughout the process.

The 56-year-old actress also changed her usual blunt bangs to a softer curtain style that framed her face. She wore her layered hair in loose waves, showing off the mix of dark and light highlights in her new look.

Since the actress is known for her iconic red hair, people have mixed feelings about her new blonde look. However, most people ended up loving it and praised her for the change. “How she looks so stunning with literally any hair color,” someone wrote. Other comments included, “Oh wow! That blonde looks amazing on her! Love Julia with dark hair, but I gotta admit, that blonde is beautiful!”

Many comments complimented her beauty despite the changes and years, with people saying things like, “Julia always looks amazing,” and “Perfection and an inspiration.”

This isn’t the first time Julia has appeared as a blonde. In 2019, the actress rocked blonde hair before returning to her red color. The actress generally loves experimenting with hair colors but always sticks to natural shades and flowing strands that look effortless and casual.

But Julia’s daughter, Hazel, is a natural blonde. Recently, the 19-year-old stepped into the spotlight, and everyone began discussing her striking appearance.


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