12 Curious Details in Twilight That We All Missed, Even Though We’ve Watched It Dozens of Times

4 months ago

As teenagers, many of us re-watched Twilight. And even now we continue to have warm feelings when watching the saga. But it turns out that there are a whole lot of details in the films that even the most attentive viewers missed.

A ring in the shape of the moon.

The ring that Bella wears in the 2009 movie is made of a large moonstone. And when you think about it, it makes sense if we take into account that the film is called The Twilight Saga: New Moon...

James has a tattoo, but vampires can’t have tattoos.

It was mentioned in the film that any scars, scratches, and other damage to vampires’ skin heals instantly. Bella, after becoming a vampire, becomes healthy after a difficult birth. However, there is one inconsistency in the film: James, Victoria’s lover, has a tattoo. But if he wanted a tattoo on his body, it would be healed. In fact — it is a real tattoo on the actor’s body. The film makers just didn’t camouflage it.

Jacob’s long hair wasn’t natural.

The gorgeous hair of Taylor Lautner’s character we see in the first film and partially in the second was actually a wig. The actor didn’t like this hair. He said he wouldn’t want this kind of hairstyle in real life. Lautner even said he could barely recognize himself when he looked in the mirror.

Bella didn’t mature psychologically.

At first, Bella seems to be a decisive and self-sufficient person. She chooses her own path (to become a vampire) and goes toward her dream. But in fact, she is a weak girl that gives her life over to Edward, who is a monster that can harm her.

Bella doesn’t like independence. Throughout the entire saga, she is cared for by Edward and Jacob. Some people even think that she sees Edward as her father, that didn’t live with her when she was a child. Cullen always saves Bella when she is in danger. And he is cautious with her as if she were a child.

By the way, Edward and Jacob often carry her in their hands. These scenes prove that she remains a little girl inside.

Victoria didn’t have ginger hair right away.

Many people remember Victoria with ginger hair, but in the first film, she was blonde. Her hair color changed in The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Ginger hair has always been considered a symbol of evil and deceit. And Victoria is precisely that in the second and the third movies because her boyfriend James died, and she’s looking for vengeance.

Bella mentions that she could get an education just once.

While the saga was going on, Bella finished school. But she never thinks about what to do with her life and how to provide for herself.

The only time she mentioned college was in a conversation with her mom in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. And she only said it because she needed an excuse not to meet with her. After all, she was going to turn into a vampire.

It seems that she is not interested in anything but romantic dreams about her eternal love with Edward. But that’s not a good idea because anything can happen.

There’s an Easter egg in the scenes where Bella and Edward are playing chess.

In The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1, newlyweds Bella and Edward play chess often during their honeymoon. They use red pieces, the same color as the chess pieces, on the cover of the book on which the film is based.

When Bella was in the cafeteria with her friends, Edward reacted to other girls’ thoughts.

When Edward first meets Bella in the cafeteria, the viewers don’t know he can read minds. This is why not everyone noticed his strange reaction to other people. So, he smirked when he walked past the table where Bella was sitting with her new friends. He read the girls’ minds and realized they were talking about him.

Also, not everyone saw that when he sat at the table, he was confused. Many viewers might have thought it was his reaction to Bella looking at him.

Later, when Cullen says that he can read the minds of everyone except for Bella, his strange reaction in the cafeteria becomes understandable. He was confused because he couldn’t tell what this mysterious girl was thinking about.

The creatures Bella reads about, while trying to understand Edward, actually exist in myths.

When Bella realizes that Edward is unusual, she starts looking through books and searching the web for information. And she comes across something called an apotamkin, connected with vampires.

These creatures are described in the myths of Native Americans. Apotamkins are giant sea creatures with fangs and red hair. People would scare kids with them to prevent them from running away.

Edward openly talks about the Volturi, even though vampires are punished for revealing this secret.

In the second movie, Edward tells Bella about the powerful Volturi clan that punishes vampires for breaking their laws. One of the laws prohibits them from telling anything to ordinary people. But Edward does it during a lesson, surrounded by other kids.

All Cullens wear the same crest.

Every member of the Cullen family wears something with their crest on it. Edward, Emmet, and Jasper wear leather bracelets. Esme has a silver one. Rosalie and Alice wear necklaces, and Carlisle has a silver ring. And in the final film, Bella has a leather bracelet, like her husband.

These accessories are not described in the books but are present in the films. It was a way to show that they were not just a vampire clan but a family whose members were loyal to one another. So the crest of their family is physically present on them.

The lion represents strength and ferocity, the trefoil at the bottom represents infinity, and the hand is faith and sincerity, showing that the Cullens are honest with each other.

Kristen Stewart wore contacts.

Kristen Stewart’s eyes are green. That’s why for the first 2 installments of the saga, the actress had to wear brown contact lenses to match Bella’s eye color as it’s described in the book. And, in the last movie, Stewart had to wear red lenses to get vampire eyes. According to Robert Pattinson, the actress didn’t complain about the brown lenses.

Aside from the curious details, the saga has film bloopers, as all films do. We have collected some of them in this article.


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