“Older Women Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis,” Demi Moore Rocks Bikinis at 61, Sparking Heated Debate

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Demi Moore defies age boundaries yet again, showcasing her timeless beauty in a bikini. The 61-year-old actress sparked a buzz online by posting a video featuring herself and her three daughters donning bikinis. While numerous admirers flooded her with praise, some expressed dissent.

At 61, Moore exuded youthful energy as she joined her daughters Rumer (35), Scout (32), and Tallulah (30), along with Rumer’s 1-year-old daughter, Louetta, in a heartwarming vacation video. Accompanied by the timeless melody of Elvis Presley’s “Burning Love,” the footage captured the essence of joy and family bonding.

After posting the video on her Instagram, Moore was inundated with praise from fans, amassing over 240k likes to date. Admirers couldn’t help but marvel at her radiant and youthful appearance. “I wanna look like Demi when I get older, wow.” exclaimed one fan, while another chimed in, “She looks fantastic for 61. If I didn’t know, I’d have guessed her age to be half that.”

Despite Demi’s undeniable beauty, the internet was divided, with some critics voicing disapproval of her bikini choice, citing her age as a factor. One commenter stated, “Older women shouldn’t wear bikinis [...],” while another criticized her, claiming, “She smells of desperation, no need to show your need for validation.”

The ongoing discussion about mature women sporting bikinis is nothing new. Just a few months ago, a remarkable woman received backlash for wearing a G-string at her age. However, her reaction to the criticism was truly impressive.


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