12 People Share Inexplicably Peculiar Stories They Witnessed in Hotels

6 months ago

A hotel can be an amusingly peculiar setting, filled with a multitude of intriguing stories. Housekeepers and guests were asked about the most unusual things they have witnessed within a hotel. From enigmatic strangers to weird and unexpected discoveries, people recounted their strangest encounters. Feel free to read and contribute your own stories as well.

1. Crabs!

2. A lonely egg.

3. Surprise surprise!

4. Sleepy housekeeper.

5. ’Orange’ bed.

6. Rich people stuff.

7. ’Honeymoon’ suite.

8. Pet friendly.

9. Magic tub.

10. Uninvited guest.

11. Bad sauce.

12. Do not disturb.

While some people experience weird phenomena in hotels and other places, others have been part of or witnessed truly creepy situations.

Preview photo credit dieceid / Reddit


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