12 People Who Revealed Shockingly Disgusting Truths About Their Partners

3 weeks ago

Discovering a gross habit in someone close to us is always unsettling, especially if it’s our partner or someone we love. The stories we share today are sure to evoke a visceral reaction of disgust, yet they serve as a poignant reminder that even those we least expect can harbor questionable hygiene practices or rituals.

  • My boyfriend never washed his hands, even after using the toilet. He told me his one shower a day was enough for washing his hands, and that was it. Once, he was cutting up meat in our kitchen and flat-out refused to wash his hands afterward, despite handling raw meat. He threw a tantrum when I insisted he wash them. About halfway through the next day, he couldn’t understand why he started feeling sick. © pancake-pretty / Reddit
  • I asked my ex where the toilet paper was the first time I was at his place. He said TP was too expensive, so just rip off a piece of his bath towel to wipe and throw it in the “scrap bin.” He saves the ones that don’t “look too bad” to reuse. © hannimalllll / Reddit
  • An ex seemed to have good hygiene until we moved in together. Then he started taking an hour-long shower once every two weeks and assumed that made up for not taking quick showers daily? He worked a physical labor job and smelled horrifically. I finally came to my senses and broke up with him. © kellybellynomore / Reddit
  • I just helped my current partner host a birthday party. I offered to clean the kitchen beforehand. I didn’t know I’d have to bring my own cleaner with me because he literally doesn’t own any. I asked, “What do you use to clean mirrors?” and he said, “Water.” © EastSideTilly / Reddit
  • My girlfriend was going to shower at my place for the first time, and I said she could use my shower gel. She said she didn’t need it. Turns out her showers were just rinsing. © milkcloudsinmytea / Reddit
  • My high school ex didn’t wash his legs. I found that out after drawing on his leg at school, and it was still there a week later when he wore shorts again. But I knew he had showered because he didn’t stink, and his hair was clean. © robertdowneyjuniorjr / Reddit
  • My girlfriend refused to floss. She claimed the space between her teeth was too tight. I suggested a water pick since there was no actual flossing involved, and she refused again. Some nights, her breath was really, really bad, to the point where I let her know because I was worried about her health. She took it as an insult and tried to say I was just being a jerk. © bassman2112 / Reddit
  • My ex was a mechanic, and his hands seemed to be stained black. It wasn’t until I met my husband, also a mechanic, where I learned that his hands weren’t stained at all; he just wasn’t washing his hands well enough. © **schrutebucks / Reddit
  • I dated this guy in college, and the first time I went into his bathroom, I was so grossed out I took pics and sent them to my friends. He would shave his chest over the sink and never clean it, so there were little hairs covering the sink. © Suspicious-Ranger476 / Reddit
  • I once caught an ex of mine picking his nose and eating it!?! I was mortified — what adult does that? The first time I saw it happen, I was in disbelief and convinced myself it wasn’t true. Then I saw it again and confronted him. Apparently, he couldn’t help it. We broke up shortly after... © snowchild27 / Reddit
  • I would often hear my ex-boyfriend making a blowing sound in bed at night. He always said he was blowing his nose into his t-shirt. I thought that was gross, but whatever. Then, when he moved out, I was horrified to discover that he was actually blowing it into his hands and wiping it onto the back of the fabric headboard of my bed! His side was covered in so much disgusting, crusty snot. I left it there. There was no way I could clean that! © bilby_mum / Reddit
  • This happened with my high school girlfriend when I was 17. The bottom drawer of the bathroom was filled to the brim with used tampons. When I discovered this and asked why she didn’t use the bin or at least a sealable bag, she sheepishly said she liked the smell of them. I tapped out. © Metaphysical-Alchemy / Reddit

If you’re up for some cringeworthy stories, then this article is a must-read. You’ll delve into true events witnessed by people that are truly awkward and unforgettable.


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