12 People Who Uncovered Their Partners’ Dark Secrets

2 weeks ago

Everyone has secrets, and husbands and wives also hide things from each other. Some secrets might be simply strange or even endearing, like the stories we’ve included in the bonus section. However, other secrets can lead to the breakup of a family.

  • My wife was actually 7 years older than she claimed to be. I was mildly surprised when I found out. And it wasn’t as easy to tell as one might think. She’s Asian and tiny (about 4’10″) and looks young for her age.
    The topic never really came up. It wasn’t until we were doing some paperwork for the children that the discrepancy came to light. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • My ex-wife (now) purposefully tried to get pregnant with our daughter before we were married because she knew that her mom couldn’t pay for her health insurance anymore, and she didn’t want to work. She knew that having a baby could qualify her for the state’s health care system. © Schikadance / Reddit
  • After filing for divorce, I found out that she was hiding $81k worth of debt from her first marriage. She was currently having $600/month garnished from her wages, and she also claimed that I was responsible for half of it! © RugbyN3rd / Reddit
  • I found out that my husband likes to wear women’s clothing. One day, I came home to find him sitting in my favorite pair of panties and my silk robe, just playing video games. © throwaway81991 / Reddit
  • Right after I got married, I started finding napkins stained with lipstick in my pockets. My wife found them once. She made a scene, saying that it was not her lipstick, and threatened to leave me. I swore I had no idea whose they were.
    Then one day, I opened my wife’s vanity drawer and was terrified to find over 40 of the same type of napkins stained with lipstick, the exact same shade I was finding in my pockets.
    Then it all of a sudden hit me. When we got married, the condition of the prenup was that my wife would take half of my money if there was proof of infidelity. I understood that she had been trying to set me up.
  • My husband hid the fact that he wasn’t actually taking his antipsychotics until our honeymoon. Innocent 18-year-old me didn’t understand how serious that was or that it would lead to a slow build-up to a really horrible psychotic break, during which I had to call the police. The good news is he takes them regularly now! © izziev / Reddit
  • I found out that my wife planned to break up with me after I provided the second child she wanted. She intended to continue living the dream in a parent-sponsored house with a parent-sponsored car, parent-sponsored health care, etc., all without me. I wish her well. © Words_of_err_ / Reddit
  • Married for 16 years, I was putting away laundry when I found a piece of paper with reasons why monogamy was unnatural and unrealistic, and how marriage is basically a scam. It made for a lovely evening. © Usernamer0987654321 / Reddit
  • After I divorced my ex-wife, I found out that she had given away two children when she was younger. I also discovered that her tubes had been tied the entire time we were married. We even met with a fertility doctor because she kept saying that she was “messed up on the inside.” © civ187 / Reddit
  • My ex-wife hid that she had an out-of-country son until after we were engaged. Then, while filing for a marriage license, I found out she was divorced too. Despite these revelations, I still went through with the wedding, and we had a fun five years. The divorce was still painful, but it also felt like a relief. © benskinic / Reddit
  • I found a notebook with a partially finished letter describing in detail how she cheated on me and how she wasn’t happy in the relationship. I called her at work and asked about it, and she confirmed it was true. I was packed and gone before she got home. Moved three hours away with my best friend and have been having a great time since then. © Good-of-Rome / Reddit
  • I found out that my husband was charged in a robbery 13 years before we got married, and he never served the time. He had to serve a few months of it after we were married. © Unknown author / Reddit

Bonus: How people have learned weird things about their partners.

  • He would go in the closet randomly for like 10–15 minutes at the most random times, and I’d hear him open and shut a drawer. He left for work one day and I open the drawer expecting to see something forbidden. Nope! Audubon Society reference books for insects and arachnids. He was looking up bugs he’d seen throughout the day. My heart almost exploded, it was the cutest thing. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • Not my husband, but an ex of mine I shared an apartment with briefly. He had this old briefcase he put all the way in the back of the closet. It was locked and it just irked me. I wondered what he could be possibly be hiding. My imagination ran wild. One day, I was on the phone with my best friend while my boyfriend was at work, and she was like, “You have GOT to pop it open! Get a screwdriver!” So I did. I found multiple notebooks filled with handwriting. Oh my God, are these journals? A diary? Private thoughts? Should I not be reading this? I was about to just put it back, but my curiosity got the best of me and I opened a page just to see what the writings were before I closed Pandora’s box forever. What I found shocked me. It was hundreds of pages in multiple notebooks with brief synopses of every single episode of Seinfeld that ever aired. With the episode numbers. In chronological order. © eyesonthemoons / Reddit

Here are a few more stories from people who discovered something strange and exposed their partners’ secrets.


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