12 People Who Saw Something They Were Clearly Not Supposed to See

4 months ago

The saying goes that ignorance is bliss, implying that there might be benefits in remaining unaware of certain truths or the true nature of people in our lives. However, there are situations where uncovering a secret can offer valuable knowledge or significantly impact our entire existence, whether for better or worse. The individuals in this article have experienced remarkable sights and revelations that are sure to leave a lasting impression on their minds.

  • When I was 16, I went to a bookstore to get some books and noticed this guy and girl shopping. The guy looked really familiar to me, and when he turned around, I realized it was my friend’s dad, and he was definitely not with his wife. He noticed me, and I started freaking out since he looked pissed. He tried to bribe me with a few hundred bucks, so I took the money, lied, and said I wasn’t going to tell anyone. However, I ended up telling his wife and my friend. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • A bit boring, but I found an engagement ring in a closet six months before my boyfriend popped the question. During those six months, I kept going back to the closet to put the ring on my finger and admire it. © AwkwardBreak / Reddit
  • I saw my 65-year-old mother getting out of her wheelchair and walking around like it was nothing. She had been wheelchair-bound for five years at that point. I had my suspicions, but had talked myself out of them because that was ridiculous. Who would pretend to be wheelchair-bound just for the attention? © s33k / Reddit
  • When I was a young teen, I was once leaving my house to go do something in the neighborhood. As soon as I got out of the door, I heard my parents in the garage. My mother seemed to be in her car, and my father was sitting down behind her car, pleading with her not to leave. My parents were divorcing, and I witnessed a few scenes that I wish I never had. Not really horrific, but seeing your parents in emotional pain can be rough. © Eaglestrike / Reddit
  • One day, my brother pulled me into our spare bathroom, all excited because he had found a “huge surprise” in the garbage can beside the toilet. Inside the garbage can, there was a tortilla chip bag with a whole bunch of rolled-up things inside... We opened it up, thinking that they were surprise toys left inside the bag by accident. We were shocked to see my mom’s bloody pads. © spookysundae / Reddit
  • About 18 years ago, I witnessed two married co-workers on a date, one of whom was a new management trainee, though I knew she was married. They were kissing. We made eye contact, but no words were exchanged, as I recall. Since then, the female trainee has risen rapidly up the company ladder and is now a VP in this multinational, well-known company. Occasionally, she visits our facility to say hello, and while the subject never comes up, I am aware, and she knows that I know. © Texan2116 / Reddit
  • In 8th grade, I had my first girlfriend whom I was, of course, madly in love with, even though I had no idea how relationships worked. She broke up with me and then confessed to my best friend over Facebook that she had been dating another guy long distance since before me and wanted to continue dating him but more “openly,” I guess. So, she broke it off with me, and I was sitting next to him for the whole conversation. Needless to say, I became very devastated and angsty over this for a little while. © PM_ME_UR__SECRETS / Reddit
  • When I was about 16, I was snooping in my parents’ wardrobe and found a diary written by my mother when she was 14. I read some beautifully and brilliantly written entries about meeting and dating my dad (who was 16 at the time). I had to read a little between the lines in some slightly later entries as they were written with such flowery language. In one such entry, all of a sudden, she discloses that my grandfather, who was an anesthesiologist, performed an abortion for her. She never told anyone. © theunicornbort / Reddit
  • I saw a text message on my dad’s phone to an unsaved number, saying that he would love to be spending Christmas with his “real” family. I was 13. I just wanted to play Snake, man. © cmxssey / Reddit
  • When I left my last job, my general manager wasn’t exactly a warm and fuzzy person and was not pleased that I was leaving. I had to get something out of the manager’s office and saw my name in an email on the desk. She had told the other two managers to wish me the best of luck in my future career and that I would be missed. I was shocked because she actually took the time to send that out to them. I had never heard that from any of them, but seeing it showed that she actually cared. © Sgt-Tibbs / Reddit
  • I’m a teacher and was helping my student, a 12/13-year-old boy, troubleshoot his computer and get it working again. I usually clear the cache and cookies as part of the process, but since they are school computers, you can’t clear the history. As I opened up the tab to clear the cache and cookies, I noticed that his latest Google search was “How to kiss.” He knew I saw it, and he looked so embarrassed. © Haillnohails / Reddit
  • My mom and sister were on vacation, so it was just me and my dad at home. It was past my bedtime, but I couldn’t sleep, so I went downstairs to see what my dad was doing. As I’m going down, I see across my living room the silhouette of a woman walking by; I only saw it for a split second. So, my dad came running towards me, like, “Hey buddy, how’s it going, give me a hug!” He held me back, so I couldn’t get past him to see who it was. I was hysterical because I thought it was my sister, and they were playing a trick on me or something. My dad was quick to tell me, “Oh, you thought you saw a ghost! Let’s call your mom and tell her you thought you saw a ghost!” Years later, my mom finds out my dad’s been cheating, and now he’s married to her. © The-Lasso / Reddit

Every family holds its own set of secrets, but some concealed truths are so astonishing that their revelation can reshape entire lives. Within this article, people open up about the profound secrets they discovered about their loved ones, leaving them in a state of profound shock.

Preview photo credit The-Lasso / Reddit


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