12 Real-Life Stories That Could Become Great Movies

4 months ago

Sometimes life can be even more fascinating than the movies. Stories with an unpredictable finale can find us whenever and wherever possible: when we cross the road, walk with our child in the park, go to the supermarket, or drive around with our family in the car. And sometimes, we may even feel pity that no Hollywood screenwriters are there to witness these events.

  • I knitted a coat for my daughter. It looked really good, almost like a designer coat. A week later, the coat was stolen from the art school’s checkroom. My husband brought our daughter home dressed in his own jacket. A few days passed, and my mother called me saying that a girl was walking around a park wearing a coat that looked very much like ours. I rushed over there and saw that the girl was indeed wearing our coat, and she was with her parents. I approached them and asked politely where they’d gotten this coat from. They said that their daughter’s grandmother gave it to her and that she’d brought it over from abroad. I explained that it was a handmade piece, and that I’d knitted it with my own hands. The girl’s mom looked surprised, while her father became worried and started calling his parents. A few minutes later, the grandfather arrived and immediately began to yell at me, “It’s all lies. This coat was bought in Germany. We have a receipt!” I was stunned. I told them that I had proof that this coat was made by me: the remains of yarn, spare buttons, and photos. But the main thing, the coat’s lining was handmade. It didn’t look factory manufactured. After that, the girl’s mother took the coat off of her daughter and returned it to me. Then she said to her father-in-law, “Shame on you!”
  • My dad is blonde and my mom is brunette. I came out of the womb with fiery red hair. My dad’s mom made a huge fuss about my mom “cheating” on my dad and had to be escorted out of the hospital. My grandmother’s own mother had flaming red hair, which she apparently forgotten until my great-grandmother held me for the first time and said, “I always wanted a baby with my red hair.” © whatsadrivein / Reddit
  • I’m a history teacher. We were looking in our textbook at a section on the founding fathers. Several of them had their own subheadings and a little paragraph about them. Like this:
    George Washington (1732-1799)
    Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)
    Benjamin Franklin (1707-1790)
    I then had a student raise their hand and ask, completely serious, “If you call these numbers, do they still work?” She thought their birth and death dates were their phone numbers. I teach high school, the class burst with laughter, and it took everything in me to keep a straight face. © snapdown91 / Reddit
  • First question in an interview, “Wait, aren’t you the guy who owes me that thousand dollars?” I realized after 3 of the longest seconds in my life that he was joking, but, boy, that caught me off guard. © maleorderbride / Reddit
  • I bought a bodysuit top. I thought it was easy to wear because you don’t need to tuck it in all the time. I decided to wear it to my college classes, but put on a sweater on top because it was cold. In the middle of the class, I went to the toilet. When I returned, the entire class rolled with laughter. My best friend cried out, “Save me, my Superman!” And only then did I realize... I clasped the bodysuit on top of my jeans. So, just imagine: a red sweater, blue jeans, and white panties on top of them.
  • I had a job interview in a town I’d never been to before. I got lost and decided to park the car. Then I walked up to a random stranger, some old man I’d never seen before. I asked him where I could find the business I was looking for. He politely told me where to find it and then said, “You’re welcome (my first name and last name).” I never told him my first and last name, I just asked for directions. I was dumbfounded, and he just chuckled and walked off into some store. I think back to it every so often, I have an uncommon name, and there’s no way you can even guess it. © ZoharTheWise / Reddit
  • My girlfriend was at an office party, and I went out with my friends. She returned earlier, and I came back at 3 a.m. So, I came in and saw boots that were size 14 out in the hall. A lot of thoughts ran through my mind at the time. I carefully entered the bedroom — my girlfriend was sleeping. There was no one in the closet. It turned out she broke her heel, and some good man she worked with gave her his own boots that he was carrying in his trunk. I believed her.
  • A friend of mine was sneaking out for a trip outside the city with his friends since his parents wouldn’t let him go. They were on motorbikes, already on their way outside of the city when suddenly, he got into an accident with another bike. It was his dad he crashed into. © fuj-ii / Reddit
  • It was in the third grade, and the teacher said, “The first 5 students who give me their classwork will get an A.” 4 students got up and gave their notebooks to the teacher. And I was on my way up to her with my completed work, when I saw a girl ahead of me with her work. So, I just threw my work toward the teacher’s table. The teacher accepted my work, and the girl was sad. © alan_1047 / Reddit
  • My cousin got glasses. Her 7-year-old little sister also wanted glasses because she thought it was so cool to wear them. So, she started telling her teachers she couldn’t read what was on the chalkboard. And she’d squint at home and go incredibly close to the TV to watch things because she said she couldn’t see things clearly. Her parents got worried and took her to the doctor. She read everything wrong on the vision test. Everyone seemed convinced that she needed glasses. But the doctor was a little concerned because the tests indicated she needed really thick glasses. Usually, that wasn’t the case unless there was a family history of vision issues. Her parents both had 20/20 vision, and her sister only had astigmatism. They all realized she was faking it. So the doctor told her parents in front of her that she’d need some pretty intense eye surgery so she’d be able to see without glasses. They even wheeled in a machine to make it convincing to say they could do the surgery right then and there. She freaked out, confessed to faking it all, and started to cry. She got grounded for a while. © sensitiveinfomax / Reddit
  • When my son was 8 months old, I gave him a doughnut. He didn’t want to eat it. He just liked to hold it in his little hand. He liked it so much that I had to bathe and put him to bed with it. The next day, I gave him a doughnut again. He happily grabbed it with his right hand. So, I decided to conduct an experiment and gave him another one. He became even happier and grabbed it with his left hand. And then I held out a third doughnut to him. I can’t remember my son crying so loudly. It was universal grief.
  • About 20 years ago, I went to another town with my friends. I was really hungry, and there were no stores or cafes around where I could buy some food. Suddenly, I saw people crowding around a woman who was laying out pies and sandwiches for sale. I squeezed between them to the table and started choosing a pie to buy. The woman looked at me and asked:
    — How can I help you?
    — I want a pie. What kind of pies do you have?
    Then I saw that other customers turned and cast unkind glances at me. And one of them said:
    — We are a tourist group. Please let us have our lunch in peace.
Preview photo credit © whatsadrivein / Reddit


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