Rihanna Shocked Everyone by Stepping Out Without a Wig, Revealing Her Real Hair

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Not long ago, Rihanna was criticized for her choice of a blonde wig. Now, the star surprised everyone with a natural look. She appeared on the streets with natural hair and caused a strong reaction from people.

Vianney Le Caer/Invision/East News, Vianney Le Caer/Invision/East News

In spring, Rihanna surprised everyone with blonde hair. People started discussing the singer’s new look fervently. “With all her money, she could’ve had a better wig, lol”, wrote one user. Another person commented on her fashion choice: “C’mon, women, get it together.”


Criticism was particularly directed at her fresh blonde hairstyle. One user voiced disappointment, mentioning: “I love everything about this look from top to bottom, but the wig wasn’t done well, and I’m irritated because it’s RIRI... This is unacceptable. This can’t happen again.”

And here is Rihanna appearing on the streets of New York with natural short curls. This look once again sparked a strong reaction from people.

Rihanna styled her hair with black pants and a fur coat draped over a tank top, revealing a lace bra underneath. She complemented the look with layered necklaces, hoop earrings, sunglasses, and carried a Louis Vuitton graffiti bag.

This look was well-received by the singer’s fans. “She is so sassy rather that she not care what others say about her natural appearance. We love you, Rihanna,” one wrote. Another added, “She is beautiful with her hair.” “Her natural hair looks good. Why does she hide it?”

However, there were those who criticized the star’s appearance, “I’m sorry but her real hair looks a mess. Her edges are non existent. Her hairline is so bad. Hair looks so damaged and unhealthy.”

Meanwhile, rumors continue to circulate that Rihanna is expecting her third child. However, it seems that at the moment, the star is not pregnant and is focused on her career.


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