17 Job Seekers Who Had the Weirdest Interview Ever

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It’s not that easy to find a good job. Sometimes, our experience doesn’t meet potential employers’ expectations, and sometimes, we don’t find the potential job fulfilling enough, but job interviews are usually the most intense part of the job search. In this article, we put together a few stories from people who had to experience firsthand what it is like to have the weirdest job interview ever.

  • I was looking for a job after getting my university degree and was interviewed for a shipping agent position.
    — Where do you live?
    — I’m renting an apartment.
    — You’ll have to deal with big amounts of money at work. What if you take the money and just leave?
    — Once you buy your own place, apply again.
  • It’s really hard to find a job when you have a baby — all employers are afraid that you’ll be taking a lot of sick leave. And then, I find an ad for the job of my dreams with the magical phrase, “You can have flexible working hours or work remotely.” I must say that you can easily work from home with my profession. So, I go to the job interview, and it turns out that “flexible working hours” actually means that if you leave, let’s say, at 11 p.m., then the next day, you can come to work a few hours later or work from home.
  • Once, I was invited to a job interview, and one of the questions they asked was, “Do you know this man (his name)?” I told them that he was my ex-husband. So, they didn’t hire me because this guy used to work there and pissed them all off, and no matter how hard I tried to explain to them that he was my ex, it didn’t help.
  • I left home wearing white pants, and was immediately doused with water by a passing-by car. I returned home to change and also called my potential employer and told them that I’d be late. I called for a taxi and left home for a second time. And right at this moment, another taxi ran right into the back of my taxi. They began to yell at each other, and I called and said that I’d be late again. My interviewers asked me to send them a photo of the accident, and I did. They replied that the CEO believed in karma and it would be best for me if they didn’t hire me. I stayed a bit longer outside, watching the drivers still yelling at each other, shrugged, and went home. This wasn’t my day, for sure.
  • This actually happened after I accepted an offer: they told me that they wanted the person who I would be replacing, and who was being fired for not doing their job right, to “train” me. I asked how I would be able to tell whether this person who was being fired for not doing their job right would be giving me the “right” training. The hiring manager, who owned the company, rescinded my offer. © Jennifer Finger / Quora
  • I was going to a job interview, and both of my buses were 35+ minutes late. I wore shorts and brought my interview skirt in my backpack. Finally, the second bus pulled up, and I had about 15 minutes to ride the bus to my stop, get out, and run to the building. There was no other option: I had to change on the bus, which was crowded as hell because it was so far behind schedule. I slid my skirt up over my shorts, shimmied the shorts down, maneuvered into a crouched standing position to fasten the zipper on the skirt, and changed into my heels. Everyone on the bus could see this happening. I was very flustered, but at least I managed to change into my professional clothes. One lady, in particular, was staring at me with crazy judgment in her eyes, and I snapped at her, saying, “WHAT!?” and hurried out the doors to run to my interview. I made it in time and was relieved to learn that the hiring manager was running late as well due to the buses. I instantly relaxed until she walked in. Guess who it was. © thisismyjam / Reddit
  • The hiring manager interviewing me said, “The job is great most days, but there are the days where you will wanna pull your hair out.” He was bald, so I said, “That must’ve happened to you already.” He had a great sense of humor, so he and the trainee manager sitting in on the interview laughed, and he told me at the end of the interview that my personality and credentials were exactly what they were looking for. I got the job and left after 3 months because it really did make me wanna pull my hair out. © MrStickySpaz / Reddit
  • I was at a job interview. They gave me and 2 other candidates a long questionnaire on 3 A4 sheets of paper. The questions were standard, like, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” “What are your strengths?” etc. The job wasn’t something extraordinary, and the company was small and local (and the weather was great outside). So, I approached the hiring manager and asked, “May I skip this questionnaire and just promise that I’m a reliable worker instead?” He laughed and nodded. The 2 other candidates were shocked. Honestly, I was amazed myself. Tomorrow, I start my new job.
  • I came for a job interview, and the company was in some kind of industrial building that was scary-looking and shabby. The first floor looked terrible: the walls were cracked, and something was dripping from the ceiling. Boxes and crates were scattered everywhere. But around a corner, I discovered a huge metal door with a golden plate. I rang the bell, and a security guard opened it. Inside, everything was chic: leather furniture and glass tables, paintings, and maps of the world on the walls. And the whole office was sparkling clean. It turned out that the company had just recently rented an office in this building. And gradually, the director had managed to renovate it.
  • It was a phone interview. My sister had called me like 5 times, and each time I told her I was waiting for an important call. So when the phone rang again, I answered with, “What the heck do you want?” Except it wasn’t my sister. © MySoilS***s / Reddit
  • I got hired for a job as a sales assistant on a Friday. My boss told me that I should start on Monday. I went hiking for the entire weekend, and suddenly she called and said that I needed to start immediately. I reminded her that we agreed that I’d start on Monday. She just hung up. On Monday, she didn’t call me, so I called her myself and was shocked to hear, “With this kind of attitude, I got the impression that you don’t need this job.”
  • I was interviewed for a cool position. 2 weeks later, they called me and said, “Andrew, you’re hired.” I was so excited! I took my remaining money and threw a party for my friends to celebrate this great news. The next day, I entered my new boss’s office, and they looked at me bewildered and said, “We hired the wrong Andrew...”


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