Our Teenage Daughter Get Catcalled and My Husband’s Reaction Just Killed Me

2 weeks ago

Catcalling is disrespectful and offensive behavior. It is unpleasant to encounter, but it is even worse when a teenage daughter experiences it right in front of her parents. Moreover, her father responds to it in an unexpected way.

Our reader sent us a message.

This is quite an ambiguous situation. You might want to have an open conversation with your husband about your daughter growing up. Additionally, talk to your daughter. You need to understand how she feels about such behavior from boys and how she is coping with it. If necessary, consult a family psychologist. The situation is not critical, and we hope you will handle it.

Here’s what people think about such a situation.

  • I would rather stay quiet and see how the daughter handles it. It would make for a great teaching moment. The husband can be the back-up, but the daughter has to learn how to look out for herself. The world is not going to change anytime soon, and Daddy will not always be there to either step in or “giggle.” © Randy Krekoski / Facebook
  • Most dads want boys/men to treat their daughters with respect. Catcall and asking if a 16-year-old is looking for a good time is definitely not! It doesn’t matter if your daughter is a supermodel. We as women do not have to put up with this type of behavior, disrespect and nonsense. As a mother, I may have let it passed if the catcalling was hey good-looking. But, looking for some fun? © Krystal Sutherland / Facebook
  • What is wrong with your husband? If a bunch of blokes did that to me or my sister when my dad was with us, dudes had better run! My dad might be a bit shorter than most blokes, but he’s taller than me and his anger. © Samantha Kate Laughton / Facebook
  • He said because he benefits from the patriarchy and has been brainwashed to believe even his daughter is an object for men’s pleasure! © Gillian Michelle Tollast / Facebook
  • Grown men catcalling a teenage girl out with her parents is pretty creepy. She’s still a child. You have every right to be angry at your husband. © Mannie Chong Pace / Facebook
  • When the husband chuckles when it happens to his own daughter, that tells you everything about him. © Shugs Begum / Facebook

Here’s a woman’s story where the situation spiraled out of control. Her husband admitted that he is attracted to her daughter, who is his stepdaughter.

Preview photo credit Juliano Astc / Pexels


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