13 People Who Tried a “Digital Surgery” to See What They’d Look Like With Different Features

2 years ago

Many of us have probably wondered what would happen if our nose was different, if our hair was a crazy color, or if our lips were different. The thing is, not all of us would dare to take the leap, but, lucky for us, technology can let us take a look at “what if...”, and with that visual “taster,” we could make up our minds.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we think we’re perfect in our own way, but we’re also tickled pink to play with our imagination, so we got to work and these were the results. In the end, a bonus awaits you with a change that perhaps not many would ask for.


“I wish my cheeks were not so big and my nose a little sharper.”


“I would like to see how I’d look with natural green eyes.”


“I would like to be blonde, have a little less cheeks and a little bigger eyes.”


“I would like to have less dark circles under my eyes, my eyebrows to be a little fuller, my face to be a little thinner, my teeth to be even, and I have always imagined what my eyes would be like if they were not dark, but green or honey colored. And blonde hair.”


“I’d like to have a slightly smaller nose, less cheeks, well-defined lips, and I’d like to be a little more ’cinnamon-skinned’.”


“I would like to have my nose fixed. Make it straight, thinner, and with full lips. And while I’m at it, I’d like to try light eyes.”


“I would like to have a thinner face and a snub nose, which is thinner and prettier. And longer chest-length hair.”


“I would like to have less cheeks, a less round face, and slightly wavy hair.”


“I would like to see how blonde hair would look on me.”


“I would like fuller lips, a sharper nose, and light eyes. I would like to see how I would look with light blue eyes.”


“I would like to have a thinner nose, a more symmetrical face, and no dark circles under my eyes.”


“I would like to try what I would look like with black hair, green eyes, and a slightly smaller nose.”


“I would like to have lighter brown eyes and a sharper nose and face, but only slightly.”

Bonus: Instead of asking for an aesthetic modification, our author Angel wanted to see himself as an old man.

Who do you think won in this game of “digital surgery”? Would you like to change something about your appearance? Leave us your photo in the comments and tell us what you’d like to change —maybe we’ll do an article with our readers’ photos!


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