15 Illustrated Comparisons That Prove Why It’s Silly to Be Nostalgic About the Past

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The 2000s will always be remembered for its crazy fashion, the appearance of mobile phones, and lots of different subcultures. Today, when we think about ourselves from 20 years ago, we can hardly believe we were those people.

The dog breeds that are trendy today won’t fit into small handbags.

Nail polish can last 3 weeks, not just 2 days!

Very tanned skin is a thing of the past. Now, we use sunscreen a lot.

We don’t need eyebrow tweezers anymore.

Our home is an office now.

It’s easier to enjoy life when your legs aren’t hurting from heels.

Service has become better.

The idea of the perfect body has changed.

We let ourselves fool around.

No curls — just let down your locks of hair.

The hairstyles have also changed.

Now, shopping can take just 10 minutes.

Small leather jackets have been replaced by big, oversized models. At least we’re warm now!

We’re no longer ashamed of the word “period.”


Fashion still amazes us.

Time moves very fast, and we’re shocked when we realize that all the glamour is gone, together with gothic styles and other subcultures. We’re sure you have some artifacts from the 2000s, like low-rise jeans or an old mobile phone. Share your stories from the 2000s in the comment section below.

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