“When You Don’t Have Pepper Spray”, Women Are Wearing “Unapproachable Makeup” to Deter Men

10 months ago

A new trend has emerged among young women seeking to deter unwelcome advances from men. They employ “unapproachable makeup” techniques to create striking facial transformations. The hashtag #UnapproachableMakeup has garnered an impressive 91.3 million views on TikTok, where thousands of women proudly showcase their bold makeup styles as a clever strategy to discourage unwanted male attention.

The “unapproachable makeup” trend started suddenly.

Fed-up with unwanted attention from men at bars and clubs, young women are quickly embracing the viral #UnapproachableMakeup trend as a solution. This approach involves crafting bold and fierce makeup looks that these women hope will deter men with unwelcome intentions, causing them to swiftly retreat.

“It works like a charm,” remarks Megi Hebeja, a 22-year-old fashion influencer hailing from Philadelphia. “And it only takes about 10 minutes.”

The trend was initially initiated by pop singer and beauty trendsetter Hila Baksay.

More and more women are catching on to this popular trend.

The trend received an additional boost from UK-based makeup artist Brooke Ellis, who is recognized on TikTok as @brookeellismakeup. In one of her recent videos, she provided a striking demonstration of the “unapproachable makeup” trend.

In the video, aptly captioned “unapproachable makeup trend...intimidating girl makeup,” the makeup artist skillfully crafted intense smoky eyes, added dramatic lashes, accentuated her cheekbones, defined her lips, and styled her hair in alluring waves.

Another TikTok content creator by the name of Gabrielle, who goes by the handle @gabxxrielle, also contributed to the trend by showcasing her rendition of the popular look.

Furthermore, Megi Hebeja shared her perspective on the makeup hack through a video post, stating, “My ‘unapproachable’ makeup look. For when you don’t have pepper spray.”

As we’ve witnessed countless times, makeup possesses a remarkable transformative power. In a previous article, the makeup artist showcased their talent by completely altering the appearance of a bride with acne, rendering her virtually unrecognizable.

Preview photo credit brookeellismakeup / TikTok


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