14 Clothing Mistakes You Might Be Guilty of Making

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Wearing clothes is something we all do on a daily basis and at varying levels of fashion and formality. And while there are so many magazines and guides about how to dress properly, there are still simple mistakes we all make. Maybe it’s because we don’t really care or because we are not aware of the mistake. That’s why we decided to let you know about some common mistakes that can be fixed with just one move.

1. You don’t accessorize your dresses

stylist / zen.yandex

The look on the left is good for pregnant women. The look with the belt looks more balanced.

2. Wearing a loose sweater with a skirt

stylist / zen.yandex

A loose sweater can hide your waistline and make your lower body shorter. Use a belt, like shown in the picture, to lift the sweater and elongate your figure.

3. You don’t wash your denim often enough

Washing your clothes in a wrong way can lead to their damage, but washing them not often enough is also not an option. For example, the fibers of 100% cotton jeans relax during wearing, causing jeans to stretch over time. Regular washing will help prevent this.

You can shrink denim by washing it in very hot water.

4. Pulling down your top to hide your belly

Do not pull your shirt down too much as this can divide your figure into 2 disproportionate pieces. This is especially true when the colors of the bottom and the top are contrasting. Tuck the shirt into the skirt and put an unbuttoned sweater or jacket on top.

5. Wearing your bra the wrong way

The back of your bra crawls up your back toward your shoulders. It might be a size too big for you. The lack of proper support can result in shoulder and back pain. Get the correct bra measurement and buy the one with a back band that will stay horizontal when you wear it.

6. Not showing your thinner parts: wrists, waist, or neck

When we feel extra weight on ourselves, we want to wrap ourselves up in clothes so no one will notice us. But we have to remember to expose our wrists, waistline, neck, or ankles. These are the parts that make us look thin and feminine.

7. Wearing a shirt that is so tight it causes gaping

Wearing a tight shirt, trying to look sharp, without considering whether there will be unwanted gaping between the buttons. It can lead to discomfort, breathing problems, and embarrassment if a button pops off. Ensure that the shirt is straight and smooth when buttoned up and that there is no gap in between the buttons. You can also choose a looser cut, add a button or stitch along the seams so that the buttons are covered.

8. Being afraid of monochromatic looks

We often avoid monochromatic looks because they may seem boring and simple, but this is not true. A contrasting bottom can only widen your look. You can see a good example in the above pictures. If you chose a skirt, then tuck your top into it so you don’t shift the level of your waist.

9. Wearing shorts that keep riding up


Having to constantly pull down your shorts because they keep riding up. It may cause discomfort and show more skin than you intended. Try on the shorts you want before buying and do squats to see if the length is what you are comfortable with.

10. Forgetting about vertical lines

The longer the vertical line, the slimmer you look. Leave your jacket open and choose the right length. There should not be too many horizontal stripes around the abdominal part.

11. Putting on clothes with wide horizontal stripes

Patron/Broadimage/EAST NEWS, AFPS/MEGA/Mega Agency/East News

Wide, horizontal stripes are a complete no-no for a large majority of the population. So unless you are very sure that you can pull them off, or you’re going to a wide-horizontal-stripes costume party, it’s best to stay away from these.

Horizontal stripes accentuate the wrong features of your body. A better option would be to go for either a dress in a solid color or a dress with a tiny print.

12. Wearing narrow-toed shoes and high heels too often

Insisting on wearing narrow-toed shoes or high heels most of the time. Narrow-toed shoes can cause the foot to take on the shape of the shoe and result in deformities like hammer toes and corns. High heels can result in bunions, knee pain, and lower back pain.

Because your feet may swell throughout the day, purchase shoes toward the end of the day to ensure maximum comfort. You should have 1/2 inch of space between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe. Forgo high heels when you need to do a lot of walking.

13. Breaking the body’s proportions

stylist / zen.yandex

The first image looks really boring and out of proportion, which makes the body seem almost longer than the legs. Here is how I corrected it:

  • Changed the shoes for high-heeled ones, to make my legs look longer. By the way, if you opt for shoes in the same color as your pants or tights, your legs will seem longer — it’s true!!!
  • Unbuttoned several buttons on the shirt to make my neck look longer and make my look more flirty and feminine.
  • Rolled up the sleeves of my shirt to show my thin wrists. It gave a lightness to my look and made me look slimmer.
  • Added accessories to make the overall look more interesting. That could be a bright red bag or a black hat, if you want to stay away from bright details. Both tips work well.
  • Corrected proportions. You can either enhance the waist with the help of a belt and keep the shirt buttoned up. Or you can unbutton the shirt thus creating a vertical line in your look if you don’t like belts and don’t want to create a focus on your waist. This trick will help you look slimmer. In this case, it’s better to go for a shirt that matches the shade of the trousers.

14. Wearing double denim in one color

Total-denim style outfits are trendy again and that’s why you can wear denim shirts and jackets with jeans. You don’t necessarily need to select the top and the bottom part according to their color. On the contrary, different hues will create a contrast and make your look brighter and more complex.


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