18+ Plus-size Women Who Rocked Celebrity-inspired Outfits With Unmatched Confidence

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Beauty and fashion are not bound by traditional size norms in today’s modern world. Plus-size women deserve to flaunt their curves without shame and should be able to rock the latest trends like everyone else. To show that style transcends body type, these curvaceous ladies recreated the looks of slender celebrities, proving that fashion is for all sizes. Beauty and style are truly about feeling confident and embracing one’s uniqueness.

1. Gabriella Athena Halikas recreates Julia Fox’s look.

2.Katie Sturino recreates Hailey Beiber’s look.

3. Katie Sturino recreates Katie Holmes’s look.

4. Katie Sturino recreates Irina Shayk’s look.

5. Katie Sturino recreates Karlie Kloss’s look.

6. Gabriella Athena Halikas recreates Kim Kardashian’s look.

7. Katie Sturino recreates Kaia Gerber’s look.

8. Katie Sturino recreates Kate Middleton’s look.

9. Katie Sturino recreates Olivia Holt’s look.

10. Paloma Elsesser recreates Aaliyah’s look.

SIPA/EAST NEWS, © palomija / Instagram

11. Katie Sturino recreates Miley Cyrus’s look.

12. Gabriella Athena Halikas recreates Julia Fox’s look.

13. Diana Sirokai recreates Kim Kardashian’s look.

14. Katie Sturino recreates Sofia Richie’s look.

15. Katie Sturino recreates Vanessa Hudgens’s look.

16. Gabriella Athena Halikas recreates Bella Hadid's look.

AUG/FaceToFace/REPORTER, © ellahalikas / Instagram

17. Gabriella Athena Halikas recreates Alessandra Ambrosio's look.

18. Stella Williams recreates Hunter Schafer's look.

Bonus: Gabriella Athena Halikas recreates Ashley Graham’s look.

But what exactly makes a woman with curves so captivating? Stay tuned for our next article, where we'll delve into 5+ reasons why men are drawn to the beauty of curvy women.

Preview photo credit juliafox / Instagram, ellahalikas / Instagram, AUG/FaceToFace/REPORTER, ellahalikas / Instagram


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