15 Children You Are Familiar With But Probably Won’t Recognize Now That They Are Grown Adults

year ago

Every person that has a platform and gets exposed to millions of people has a type of power we can’t even fathom. And with child stars, their cuteness makes them lovable a lot easier than adult stars. Some of them take a break in order to pursue their academic education, some others continue working in the entertainment industry and some others follow a completely different path. But this doesn’t mean that we forget about them.

1. John Bateson

2. Yara Shahidi

3. Lucky Blue Smith

4. Jonathan Lipnicki

5. Malina Weissman

6. Noelle Sheldon

7. Thylane Blondeau

8. Audreyana Michelle

9. Mara Wilson

10. Harvey Petito

11. Thomas Kuc

12. Mason Gamble

13. Mackenzie Foy

14. Bella Harris

15. Daryl Sabara

Is there any other famous kid that you’re wondering what they are doing at the moment?

Preview photo credit Kinder.com, joshbateson / Instagram


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