17 Terrific Finds Discovered by People Who Seem to Be Blessed by the Dumpster Gods

year ago

Some people can’t live a day without visiting a thrift store, trying to find something really unique there. Others prefer to shop in antique stores or auctions. And there are some people who don’t mind going through the trash because they know that unexpected and precious finds can await them there.

1. “I found this painting in the trash. It looked like my cat, so I grabbed it.”

2. “I got this side table from the curb. Its top was broken, so I spent a little over 3 hours and some glue to upcycle it to this!”

3. “I found this working Kitchen Aid mixer!”

4. “I like this find a lot, a 55-gallon tank with a stand. It needed some work, and it now lives in my home office.”

5. “I found these today with the tag still on. This happened just a week after I discovered an unfixable rip in my own boots.”

6. “I found this beauty in a jewelry box mixed in with a bunch of fake jewelry. The tanzanite gem in the middle is surrounded by 23 genuine baguette diamonds.”

7. “I found this vacuum cleaner face down in the rain by the dumpster. I cleaned it up, and it works like new!”

8. “I found this fully working printer.”

9. “Like, who throws away working lightbulbs? There were 15 of them in this tote.”

10. “I found this gorgeous mirror near the school dumpster.”

11. “My friend found this vintage Gucci bracelet made of silver.”

12. “I found a big bag of goodies tonight. There were also face creams inside!”

13. “I found 8 portable working hard drives, all 1 or 2 TB.”

“They were all full of data, one even had a scan of a driver’s license, passport, checks, and banking info. I cleared all the data, kept one for myself, and listed the rest on eBay.”

14. “My girlfriend said she needed a fan for work, and the dumpster gods heard!”

15. “I had a nice jewelry haul. Pretty much all of it is sterling silver.”

16. “I’ve always wanted a signed book by this author. Never thought I’d find it in a dumpster.”

17. “I found these in an abandoned shed in the woods and just washed them.”

These photos were shared by Internet users who were lucky enough to find cool things literally in a dumpster. Some people believe that this is a good environment-friendly approach to shopping, while others would never get involved with something like this. What do you think about this? Have you ever used things that were thrown out by somebody else?

Preview photo credit swannygirl94 / Reddit


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