12 Movie Mistakes That You Won’t Be Able to Unsee

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Continuity errors are nothing new with movie productions since almost every movie has a few in them. That is because props can easily be misplaced and actors aren’t robots to perform one action the same way multiple times. That’s why mistakes happen and they can’t always be corrected in post-production. While it really isn’t a big deal most of the time, some viewers can’t help but notice them.

1. The missing jacket

At the beginning of this scene in Avengers: Infinity War, we can see a jacket on Tony Stark’s shoulders. But in the following shots, it disappears without a trace.

2. A helping hand

When Sully (Sam Worthington) in Avatar jumps into the device to connect with his avatar, you see how Dr. Grace (Sigourney Weaver) is helping him to lie down. But a second later, you can see her running to help him, which shows that the scenes are reversed.

3. Where is the key?

We wonder how Anna Faris, the main heroine in Overboard, can drive the car without the key in the ignition.

4. The number on the suit

Colonel Miles (Stephen Lang) in Avatar meets with Sully to be his eyes and ears inside the Avatar project. As he is talking to him, he climbs into a robotic suit that, at first, has no numbers on one of the legs. However, a few seconds later, the number 11 appears on it, and the red flag that was there before disappears.

5. The upside down phone

The character of Sarah Hyland, Haley in Modern Family, is speaking on the phone, which is turned upside down.

6. Hand on the shoulder

In Avatar Jake Sully returns from his trip, and upon waking up, Dr. Grace asks him if he is all right while taking him by the arm. However, in the next scene, her hand appears on his shoulder, then in the next cut, it switches back to his arm.

7. Wait, is that a wig?

In the close-up shots of Toni Collette in the movie Hereditary, you can see the edges of her wig.

8. The twins?

In Avatar, as the doctor talks to Parker at the film’s beginning, you can see a girl pass behind him, but seconds later, the same girl passes behind him again. She even walks in the same direction. This was a mistake that the production let slip through.

9. The unusual shoes

In The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Gandalf the White is wearing sneakers.

10. The braid that moves

When Jake from Avatar is taught to ride Pandora’s horses, in a scene where he is learning to distinguish between male and female, we see his braid magically change places from one second to the next.

11. The throat-microphone

All army members in Avatar have a throat microphone around their necks, which allows them to be connected to headquarters at all times.

There’s a scene where you can see that Jake has his, but after jumping into the river to run away from an animal, he comes out of the water without it. Even though the loss of that throat microphone is essential to the plot, we never really see when the character loses it.

12. The earrings

In Frida, you can see how the actress is “bedridden.” But the artist’s earrings hang down, revealing that she is actually standing, not lying down.

Would you have noticed any of these mistakes if it wasn’t for us telling you?


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