15 Children’s Movies Facts And Bloopers That You May Have Not Realized Until Now

2 years ago

When we are young and we watch movies, we only care about what’s next and what happens to our favorite characters. We don’t concentrate on how logical some things are or what their deep meaning is. However, when we get older we watch the same movies from a different prism. And that’s when we notice things we weren’t able to notice years prior.

Now I’ve Seen Everything discovered 15 plot holes and smart pieces of information that can be found in some of the most popular children’s movies.

1. The hair of Jasmine

Aladdin was one of the biggest hits of Disney’s golden age in the 1990s. And even if you’ve seen this film countless times, you may not have noticed the small mistake in the moment of the first meeting between Jasmine and Aladdin.

This occurs when the princess jumps from one building to another. When she makes the leap, we see her hair down, and when the focus returns to her, she is once again hooded.

2. How fast Pocahontas learned English

This is quite a case study. In theory, a person could become acceptably proficient in a new language by studying at least 10 hours a day for 48 days. And since we never see Pocahontas study English, we can simply say that we wish we had the superhuman intelligence of this princess.

3. The Bank of Evil in Despicable Me

During childhood, the experience of borrowing money is totally foreign to us, and if that wasn’t enough, to make the adults in the room laugh the Bank of Evil is captioned “Formerly Lehman Brothers,” a banking association that failed during the great financial crisis of 2008.

4. The singing vultures in The Jungle Book are inspired by the Beatles.

You probably missed it as a kid, but these funny characters not only have the same hairstyles as the Liverpool quartet, but they also sing a lot like them. If you pay attention, you may notice that Flaps represents Paul McCartney, Ziggy represents John Lennon, Buzzie represents Ringo Starr, and Dizzy represents George Harrison.

In fact, for the 1967 production of the film, the Beatles were sought to voice these characters, but that was not possible for unknown reasons. Years later, for the live-action remake, an attempt was made to get Paul and Ringo to participate but, again, it did not happen.

5. Where does Edward get ice from?

At the end of the film, after a lousy experience living with people, Edward secludes himself in his castle and spends his time sculpting ice figures, the remains of which produce the snow that covers the town in the winter.

It’s all very nice, but we’re intrigued: How exactly does he get so much ice? Does his castle have running water and a refrigerator? Did he give up on Kim’s love, but does keep in touch with an ice salesman? We’ll never know.

6. How poorly undercover the agents were in Matilda

One thing no adult could fail to wonder is how a 5-year-old could spot them so quickly and take so little time to plan a way to distract them.

But let’s be honest, those 2 didn’t even bother to disguise themselves; they were practically disguised as agents, with suits, suspenders, hats, and dark glasses. Plus, they were too obvious when investigating, with every possible cliché, including walkie-talkies. How could 2 FBI employees be so bad at their jobs?

7. Donkey’s original story

This film is full of amusing references to classic children’s stories. However, we had to grow up a bit to realize that Donkey is probably one of the children that were transformed on the Island of Games featured in Pinocchio. That would explain his mischievous attitude and his ability to talk.

8. The number of the locker in Monsters, Inc.

Mistakes like these happen all the time in movies and TV series and animated movies aren’t excluded. In Monsters, Inc. Sullivan hides Boo in locker number 193 at the close up. However, at the next shot the number has changed and it is 190.

9. Mulan doesn’t have the right fan and she has no fingernails

Yep, you read that right... it really caught our attention to see that neither Mulan, nor her father, nor General Shang have fingernails, but instead, the ancestors of the Fa family do.

On the other hand, the type of fan she carries to her meeting with the matchmaker is made in a style that is well after her time. The savior of China should carry a round silk one, traditional in her country, known as tuánshàn.

10. Cinderella’s shoe size

We are not only intrigued by the fact that the prince has fallen in love with a girl and cannot remember her face well enough to go out and look for her himself. But we are also curious as to how it is possible that absolutely no one in the kingdom shares a shoe size with Cinderella... quite an enigma.

11. Tarzan and the lianas

Apparently, the skills Tarzan learned from being raised by the monkeys go beyond the laws of physics, as he is somehow able to hold Jane with both hands and still hold on to the vine.

12. The villain in The Hunchback of Notre Dame is just TOO evil.

We were shocked to see this Disney classic again, as it undoubtedly has one of the most evil villains in the history of children’s movies. Claude Frollo not only tried to throw Quasimodo into a well when he saw his baby face, but when he was arrested, he decided to lock him up and spend his whole life mocking him and making him feel bad about his appearance.

As if this were not enough, when he falls in love with Esmeralda, he pursues her with great insistence, but when she rejects him, he has all the gypsies in Paris imprisoned. And those are just some of his evil deeds — he commits many more throughout the film.

13. Mr. and Mrs. McFly’s amnesia

In Back to the Future, when Marty and Doc fix everything, many things change for the McFly family, which means that their intervention in the past has left significant traces.

But somehow they manage to make it so that neither George nor Lorraine literally remembers meeting their son in high school. And while it’s understood that they named him Marty at Calvin Klein’s suggestion, they never make any reference to how much their son looks like him? Or do they just prefer to not bring it up?

14. Ariel could write

One big unknown that we couldn’t overlook now that we’re older is that when Ariel signs the contract for Ursula, she does so by writing her name with perfect, beautiful penmanship! However, over the course of the entire movie, she doesn’t write a single note to Prince Eric, which at no point is forbidden by the agreement.

We will always question why they didn’t try to write to communicate, or if Ariel knew how to write other things besides her name. If so, the love story could have been resolved a little more easily.

15. The color of the book that Belle has

Beauty and the Beast was so successful that it was even the first animated film to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture. During its opening number, Bonjour, the book that Belle brings to the bookstore, changes from red to purple when she enters the place to return it.

Do you search for plot holes whenever you watch a movie or do you let the story carry you along with it?


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