15 Designers That Went Far and Beyond Outside the Box

2 years ago

The great boxer Muhammad Ali was quoted saying, “The man who has no imagination has no wings.” Well, the designers on this list appear to be soaring high with their overflowing imagination and unique visions. Their outputs are either extremely clever or weird, but one thing’s for sure — these designs can definitely grab our attention.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 15 photos that show what happens when designers choose to stray very far from the standards, and see for yourself if their ideas worked or failed.

1. “The packaging of this sliced cheese makes it look like it has mold spots.”

2. “This fuzzy staircase”

3. “I needed a tow truck, but this is ridiculous.”

4. “This kid mannequin...”

5. “This restaurant sign that is half shadows”

6. A cheesecake bandage

7. “This new hotel carpet that looks like it’s worn out beyond threadbare”

8. “A Greek column barcode on Greek yogurt”

9. “The sign on my husband’s graphic design department”

10. “A friend of mine found this computer mouse at Goodwill.”

11. “A walking stick with a built-in compass”

12. “This bathroom in my neighbor’s house”

13. “These are my stairs.”

14. “Painted in a hotel stairwell leading to a fitness center”

15. “Bicycle pizza cutter”

Do you pay attention to how things in your surroundings are designed? What’s the strangest design you’ve ever come across? Share your stories with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit nakisa444 / Reddit


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