17 People Who Didn’t Have the Best Day of Their Life, but Luckily Could Laugh It Off

2 years ago

Some days, it feels like the sun is shining brighter than ever, and everything seems to be working in your favor. And then there are days when you wish you’d just stayed in bed. Lady Luck definitely decided to turn her back on the heroes of this article, but their sense of humor came to the rescue.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as we were collecting these hilarious pictures.

“1.5 weeks and 3,999 pieces later, I found out a piece is missing.”

“Finally got my license; it came expired!”

“What I bought vs what I got”

“Look at the kitchen in this $2,650 NYC apartment.”

“I finally caved and bought the kids a box of 60 Oreo packs through Amazon. Today, it arrived, and this is what we got!”

“I bought some LEGO mini-figures. They were all the same.”

“I bought a pigeon-proof birdfeeder. Apparently, it’s not.”

“This cost over $25. My disappointment is immeasurable.”

“This cost me €45 and another €65 to fix. What I had (and wanted again) vs What I received”

“I paid $37 for this box with saffron.”

“My college made me pay $96 for this ‘lab kit.’ There’s nothing in here worth more than 5 bucks, and the whole thing probably costs less than 20 bucks. They also included a pen.”

“This delivery driver cost me $5,500.”

“This lobster roll cost $34. Banana is for scale.”

“My 1-month-old work boots that cost $130”

“I got a game for Christmas that didn’t even have the game. My parents paid $60 for a plastic shell.”

“Paid extra for a room with a river view.”

“It’s always a pleasure to realize that your coworkers don’t know how to close a box properly... Right when you’re ready to go home.”

Have you ever had a similar situation happen to you? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Preview photo credit BibliophileGirl92 / Reddit


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