15 Flukes of Fate That Show That the Universe Has Flawless Comic Timing

year ago

All coincidences feel a bit like magic. However, some take that feeling even further and add a touch of comedy to the moment. People on social media have plenty of examples to illustrate what we’re talking about, like when a fish perfectly photobombs your beach pic.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you a list of unusual situations that left folks having a laugh.

1. “A fish photobombed my friend’s pic”

2. “I decided that I need more sleep when I saw them at a bus stop.”

3. “The way the ellipsis in the description perfectly lines up with the actress’ smile.”

4. The packages from different food brands made an ideal picture.

5. “I saw a piece of cloth that looks like a man in a trench coat.”

6. “Mine and my girlfriend’s baby pictures look quite similar.”

7. What a coincidence!

8. “The guy installing it was definitely laughing hysterically while doing it.”

9. “My teacher’s hat blends in with the chalkboard so much that I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

10. Did they mean to do this?

11. “The design on my flips flops matches the beach shore I was spending my vacation at.”

12. “Chunk load error”

13. “My bacon looked like a fried pig.”

14. “The ticket examiner aboard my train walked past his doppelganger.”

15. “My strawberry/pistachio ice cream matched this couple’s matching outfits.”

What other impressive coincidences have you encountered? Please share your photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit ProtectionAdorable89 / Reddit


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