12 Kind Stories That Prove Tomorrow Will Be a Better Day

3 months ago

Anyone can have a bad day. Some get berated by their boss or lose something precious to them. But we should never lose hope or get discouraged because tomorrow is a new day, and there’s a good chance everything will change for the better.

  • My mother-in-law never gave us presents for celebrations. The only thing she would give us was a package of biscuits or candy. But when our second daughter was born, we started thinking about buying a bigger house for our family. And suddenly, my mother-in-law gave us a tidy sum of money so that we didn’t have to take out a loan! So, she saved on our presents to help us buy a place to live.
  • I had a very old stove that had an oven that didn’t even work, and I love cooking. But I didn’t have the money to buy a new one. On my birthday, my co-workers handed me a certificate that said, “home delivery” and took me to another room. We opened the door, and there was a box with a new stove in it. I burst into tears.

“I broke down in tears when the cashier at a supermarket asked how I was doing. She gave me flowers to brighten up my day.”

  • My wife threw me a surprise birthday party. I normally don’t want to do anything. But she invited like 30 people and everyone brought me gifts. It was amazing and I remember crying because I was so overwhelmed by the whole thing. I’m holding back tears just writing this. © gtrdundave2 / Reddit
  • Someone named Keon, in 3rd grade, said I wasn’t fat, I just had chubby cheeks. It made me very happy, and I still think about Keon’s words. I hope he’s doing well. © watrmeln420 / Reddit
  • I moved out when I fell out with my parents at 19. I worked 3 jobs on top of going to college, and I struggled to pay rent and put food on the table. The time leading up to Christmas was particularly hard, with all my friends looking forward to going home to spend Christmas with their family. I was in student housing that year and I had to move out for Christmas break. My friend gave me their room which was open. At this stage, I was almost completely out of food and money. I was eating out of the bins in the shop I was working in. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone or look for help, but one of my friends invited me over to spend Christmas Day with her family and insisted I come. I was nervous going there and felt I was crashing a family gathering, but when I got there, her parents and sisters could not have been more welcoming. I was treated like one of their own. I’ve never known how to thank her or her family. I don’t think I’ll ever forget what she did for me — to go from feeling extremely lonely, stressed, and anxious about my situation to having one of the best days of my life is honestly the most memorable thing that’s ever happened to me. © cecreamedstrawberry / Reddit

“I worked on Thanksgiving day, so one of my coworkers stopped by to bring me Thanksgiving dinner while I was working, and all hot food to boot.”

  • I grew up with a very neglectful mother, emotionally, physically, and financially. My parents divorced when I was 12, and I was forced into a motherly position to my 2 younger sisters. My dad and stepmom married 3 months after the divorce was finalized, and because of my mom’s anger and dislike of her, I never took the time to get to know her or be nice to her. To put it bluntly, I treated her really badly. My father eventually got re-stationed and moved away for work, and my anger stopped me from keeping up a relationship with them. After years of not talking, I message them out of the blue. I’m fed up with being homeless (mom threw me out at 18), depressed, lonely, and uneducated. After 3 years of no communication, and after only 3 weeks of texting back and forth, when I ask her if I could relocate to the west coast to better my life, she not only purchased my plane ticket but a plane ticket for my dog as well. I’ve been living with them for 2 years now, I’m 22 and I have my associates and am working toward a bachelor’s in biochemistry. My parents, especially my stepmom, have shown me what true unconditional love looks like and how parents are supposed to take care of their children. © Sensitive_Proposal_8 / Reddit

I was sitting on the bench in the park. Suddenly, a man came up and put a box on the bench, saying, “I’ve got a lot of grapes. I’ll leave this box here, so that other people can take some.”

  • I was on a bus and broke a grab rail when the bus stopped abruptly. I got so scared that I pretended to hold it as if nothing had happened. A man who was standing next to me helped me and pretended to hold it too. But when the bus stopped, he stepped out and took the grab rail with him. Turned out it was a curtain rod, and he was holding it tight to prevent me from falling. I cried.
  • I was on a date with a guy who I met recently, and we went to a fancy restaurant. At one point, he left the table to answer a call and disappeared. I tried to call him, but he didn’t pick up. So, I had to pay the bill myself, and the sum was rather large. He called me back later and asked me to meet him. When we met, he returned the money I’d spent and explained what had happened earlier. When he was outside while speaking on the phone, an old lady fell right in front of him and started to choke. He’s a doctor, so he gave her first aid, got a taxi, and took her to the nearest hospital. There was no time to wait for an ambulance, and anyway, they’d have done the same things that he did. He spent a few hours there until he was informed that she would be fine and he was free to go. I burst into tears right in front of him...
  • I was traveling on a bus recently and felt exhausted and hungry. My stomach was even growling. At a stop, an old lady came in, and I gave her my seat even though I could barely stand myself. Suddenly, I felt my bag moving, I looked and saw that the lady was putting a wrapped sandwich into it, and smiling.


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