15+ Times Our Eyes Were Fooled by Things Pretending to Be Something Else

2 years ago

Eyes are delicate and complex organs. Some might even say they’re almost perfect. However, we can find examples of even more developed eyes in nature; for example, dragonflies have more lenses than any other creature and nearly 360-degree vision. Maybe it’s easier for them to see what things truly are, but for us humans, it can be a challenge sometimes.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have prepared some photos of things that may not be what they seem.

1. “Thought my sister bought new makeup. Nope... just another cake she baked!”

2. “I bought my wife a thermos in the shape of a camera lens. It always gives me a big scare when I see it like this.”

3. “My GF’s lipstick is green but turns out red.”

4. “Bought a pack of birthday candles yesterday. Turns out it was a pack of birthbay candles.”

5. “This was left on my car today. Went from being unreasonably excited to incredibly disappointed.”

6. “I got so freaked out this morning with my wife’s cooking. Turns out long beets can closely resemble rats.”

7. “I thought they were cool decorations, but when I got closer, I realized they’re aesthetically pleasing solar panels.”

8. “That time I thought I bought a full-size mirror...”

9. “We thought it was some cold cut specialty, turns out this is soap.”

10. “My new monstera leaf looks like a thumbs up.”

11. “We have a family business. Mom thought she bought a map of the world for the conference room.”

12. “Always thought there was just an ugly scratch on my car (bought it used), but it was actually a Michael Jackson sticker.”

13. “I saw a remote next to my hotel room’s mirror, tested the power button and it turns out the mirror has a TV.”

14. “Thought I bought my GF a cute birthday card.”

15. “Bought a giant keyboard.”

“Just kidding, bought a bunch of tiny hands.”

16. “My wife found a lemon shaped like a chili!”

Which one of your friends do you think would enjoy a set of tiny hands? Have you or someone you know encountered deceiving things like the ones above?


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