20 Things That Challenged the Limits of Design and Logic

2 years ago

There’s a saying that goes “Life is too short to follow the rules.” And the people who created these pieces probably live by that motto. Because based on their designs, it looks like they decided to go against the grain and let their creative juices and imagination take over.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 20 items that strayed from our usual standards, and it can be quite challenging to decide whether they are weird, brilliant... or both.

1. “This toilet sculpture”

2. “A bicycle seat with extra ’support’”

3. “Grub meatloaf and grub carrot cake — they may actually taste great too!”

4. “This backpack I saw at the Santa Monica Pier”

5. “If eyes are moving in an intense manner, leave the building immediately.”

6. “This seashell kitten my mom loves”

7. “Tactical crocs”

8. “Teacup chandelier”

9. “Udderly Elvis”

10. “Cars on cars”

11. “My mom’s cat-shaped mosquito coil holder.”

12. “A local game shop had their bathroom floor redone in Magic the Gathering cards.”

13. “A gift from my pupils aged 8-9. That is soap inside.”

14. “My grandma’s armadillo purse.”

15. “Saw this outside a store”

16. “This Christmas tree made of computer mice.”

17. “Decided that my bathroom fan timer needed these.”

18. “What animal do you think this is?”

19. “This bear jacket”

20. “Taking snake-skin-print to a whole new level.”

Do you have a creative bone yourself? Or maybe your friends or children do. How many times have people around you surprised you with their originality, style, or unusual approach to things? Share your examples with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit ldbu1 / reddit


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