15+ Mysterious Items That Left People Completely Stumped

3 weeks ago

Have you ever found a mysterious thing whose purpose none of your acquaintances could figure out? It’s great that everyone now has access to the internet because that’s where you can find answers to such questions. That’s exactly what the heroes of this compilation did.

’’Found this in my wife’s drawer. It is what I think it is?’’

“2 plastic hook-shaped tools with double forks on the end. What are these and what are they used for?”

Hand-forged tools in their own custom leather case, a foot long, square with very sharp point

“This thing has about 60 twisty screws embedded into it. It has me stumped.”

What is this glass object?

“I found it in a thrift store.”

A hand-squeezed kitchen tool made of metal.

“I found this in an old house. It’s made out of metal with a hook at the bottom and what looks like a hanger on the top.”

“When found, it was the size of a marble, now it’s the size of a pea, but still a perfect sphere.”

“Spoon + bottle opener from my grandparents’ house”

“I found this at an antique store.”

This plastic kitchen tool looks like a slicer or juicer but there’s no cutting edge.

This weird wooden kitchen tool

“I found a silver spoon in some old moving boxes.”

What is this wooden item?

An old heavy key with “Good health” engraved

“Someone gave my father-in-law this hammer, and he can’t understand what it’s for.”

“Solid metal thing found in a farming museum. It has rubber straps and chains.”

“What are these blue and yellow pieces of fabric? Found in a box of free baby clothes.”

  • They look like nappy covers. The larger part covers the bum, and the small part of the loop pulls up between the legs, and the ties go through the loops and get tied in a knot in front. © 510Goodhands / Reddit

Were you able to guess the purpose of the item before you even read the answer? If you want to test your intuition again, take a look at another selection of mysterious objects.

Preview photo credit koh3epb4 / Reddit, quottttt / Reddit


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