15 People Whose Boldness Knows No Boundaries but They Don’t Care

7 months ago

Some people may envy the bold ones because they have the persistence and courage to achieve their goals, which many of us lack. But on the other hand, these people have no sense of personal boundaries and respect, and few people enjoy being around them.

  • I was sharing a student dorm with a roommate, and we had two rooms and one bathroom. I bought and hung a shelf in the bathroom, but my roommate rudely started putting her razors and shampoos on it. When I told her that it was my shelf, she said, “This is a dorm, everything is shared here.” Really? It’s nice when your roommate pays for the improvements, and you just use them as you please. She was doing that with all our stuff.© Overheard / Ideer
  • I lived in an apartment-style dorm for a while. I had my own appliances: a stove, a fridge, and a washing machine. Then a young woman with her 2-year-old daughter moved into the next room. It started with, “Can I use your washing machine?” Fine, I agreed. Once, twice, three times. Then she asked for access to my stove and fridge and kept promising that she would buy her own soon, but she needed them urgently right now! I drew the line when I went away for 2 days. When I came back, I met an angry neighbor who started yelling that because of me, she and her daughter had to eat instant noodles and wear dirty clothes. Then she even demanded that I leave her my key in case she needed anything. I didn’t argue, I just quietly took out her food from my fridge and her bag of dirty laundry. She screamed, cried, and cursed. Luckily, she moved out soon after. © Miranda Bush / ADME
  • I work at a retail location that does returns strictly only with tags on the clothes. There was one customer who was exceptionally rude to our staff. She came up to the register telling me she’ll probably return all the things she’s buying and is just trying to impress her friends. So I took all the tags off the clothes when I was bagging everything. I bettered the world that day. © wehopeuchoke / Reddit
  • I work in a private dental clinic. Some patients show up 2 hours early, and then they bother themselves and the staff: they want coffee, tea, water, they want the air conditioner on or off... Then they enter the office, already tired of waiting, and start to hurry the dentist. One lady, after a few such visits, started to demand that she be seen right away as soon as she arrived, no matter how much earlier than the scheduled time. She said she got nervous when she had to wait, and that was bad for her health. And she didn’t care that the dentist had another patient in the office, who actually came on time. © Veronica / ADME
  • I didn’t believe in karma until I saw it firsthand. When “Star Trek” came out a few years back, my whole nerdy family came out to see it together. I already had tickets for the film so I thought I’d hold a row for them as they were buying theirs. I picked the only open row and sat down on the end seat — which was directly in front of a lone, middle-aged woman. Within seconds, she began verbally abusing me for picking the seat in front of her. I’m not that tall, so I wouldn’t have impeded her view, but I don’t think that really mattered to her. Each time I attempted to explain why I sat there she got more angry that I was interrupting her. Eventually, she gave me the finger, got up, and sat down in a random seat a few rows back. The moment she touched down on the seat, the whole thing fell apart and she toppled to the ground along with her nachos. © thequestion6 / Reddit
  • I boarded the bus. There was only one empty seat, and next to it was a rather plump girl. Naturally, I sat very close to her, since she took up part of the free seat. I could tell from her body movements that she wanted to move away, but she had no space. After a while, she apparently couldn’t bear it, she turned to me and said with an annoyed look, “Hey, you’re sitting too close, you’re making me sweat!” I was shocked. It was as if it was my fault! © Overheard / Ideer
  • I work at a well-known cosmetics store. For the last 2 weeks, a girl has been coming in as soon as the store opens. She does her makeup, pretending to test out the products, and then leaves. She uses foundation, eye shadow, mascara, and even blush. I tried to tell her that it was not appropriate, but she said, “The customer is always right! Why do you have testers in your store?! So that customers can try them! So why are you restricting me?” © Overheard / Ideer
  • I was at a supermarket and a lady got in her car rolled down her window and started throwing papers out. I walked up to her car and picked up the paper and put it under her windshield wiper and walked away as I was riddled with curses. © unknown author / Reddit
  • I was on the subway with my dog. I didn’t bother anyone, I just played with him. The train started to slow down as it approached the station, and a girl got up from the seat opposite and came over to us. She splashed her juice in my face and said, “You should have adopted from a shelter!” — and left the wagon. I was stunned, I’m a volunteer myself, and I rescued my dog from the roadside! He had broken legs, wounds all over, and someone had abandoned him to die. © Overheard / Ideer
  • One day, I was walking down the street and looking at my phone for a number to call someone. A woman was coming towards me and, as she passed by, she deliberately bumped my arm. The phone dropped. When I protested, she shouted that I shouldn’t be on the phone on the street. © DrDonna / ADME
  • Today on the train I sat next to a woman who was angry that I sat next to her because she wanted the two seats to herself. As I sat there she kept mouthing under her breath how she just wanted to sit there alone... blah blah blah. Despite the fact that I wanted to tell her that it was public transportation and she needed to get over it I kept my mouth shut. A few minutes later a large woman with a large purse comes and stands in the same car I was in. I get her attention and tell her that she could have my seat. She huffs and puffs her way to me and I help her sit down while grinning at the angry woman who was upset I’d sat beside her. I enjoyed watching her head almost explode from anger as the other large woman’s rolls and purse pressed against her for the rest of the ride. © Obieousmaximus / Reddit
  • I moved from the dorm to an apartment. The guy and girl from the next room told me that the third neighbor was hiding their tea and sugar. I didn’t catch on at first, but then I realized that my food was going missing too. Talking to her didn’t help. The spoiled milk that I left in the fridge revealed the truth — I bought it, got busy, didn’t use it — it went sour but was still sealed. One day this neighbor ook it out of the fridge and poured it into her coffee right in front of me. She spat far and wide. © mirrorit / Pikabu

Sometimes, when we encounter rude people, we are speechless and can’t stand up for ourselves, and the right action or a witty comeback comes to mind much later. But there are some people who can handle rude people in a snap. You can learn from them, really.


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