15+ Odd Situations Where The Internet Was Our Only Helpful Resource

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In this digital age, we can always turn to the Internet for help if we don’t know something or if we want to research a particular topic. On the Internet, we can literally find anything we need in a matter of seconds. Here’s how 16 people managed to find an answer regarding the unknown objects they stumbled upon and a mysterious bonus for you to solve at the end of this article.

1. “A small elephant filled with water left at the flat after the party. Debating with flatmates over what its purpose could be.”

2. “Plugged in and secured with a screw in my Airbnb”

3. “Metal (copper?) inlay on hotel room shelf?.”

  • It’s for dropping your keys off when you walk in the front door (more durable than just wood, wears better over time, and adds a design element). butter_waffles_-_/ Reddit

4. “What are these small white boxes around the base of our bed at the Excalibur hotel?”

  • They lock the cover onto the box spring. Slipping a screwdriver in the slot might release the cover. (Much like those security pins on clothes, but in this case just a safety pin.) arebet / Reddit

5. “Built-in narrow pull-out surface akin to built-in cutting boards”

6. “A small sterling silver ring attached to a hammered bowl.”

  • Caretaker’s feeding spoon. Looks a bit large for a baby, but would be good sized for helping feed an elderly or bedridden person. 3kota / Reddit

7. “Just moved to a new house, found this plastic tub of 3mm tiny balls hidden on top of a built-in cabinet.”

  • Looks like dried-out Orbeez. Add water and let sit to see if they soak it up. May have had an odor at one time. My ex-wife used to use these with water and scented oils and they would soak it up and smell good for a few weeks and then you would just have to add more. Radiant_Suspect_8622 / Reddit

8. “This gold arched decoration with a crystal in the middle — my wife found it at a Goodwill.”

  • I think it’s an incense burner with a crystal pendulum to stir the smoke. decimatusX / Reddit

9. “What is this beeping device inside my van’s glove compartment?”

  • Looks like a tracking device. Your van may have been owned by a company that tracked their fleet, or if you financed it, the lender may have placed the tracker in case you defaulted on payments. Unless you consented to have it installed, it’s yours and you can remove it. qa567 / Reddit

10. “Almost looks like a fridge with a seat in it, and an opening for your head?”

11. “It’s a little door by the toilet with a spoon-shaped device attached to a hinge. It’s in an older house from 1938.”

12. “Recently moved into a older house, and there are 2 of these ’outlets’ in the house with this weird device behind them, what is this thing?”

13. “Wooden handle, saw-toothed metallic plate”

14. “What is this cast iron tortoise?”

  • It’s a string ball holder. You put a ball of string/twine in it and feed it out the top. It prevents the ball of string/twine from rolling around. Moonhunter7 / Reddit

15. “What is this 1.4-meter-high wooden pole with platforms?”

  • Looks like a retail display tree (shoes, etc). But I’d slap some carpet on it and give it to my GF for her cats. gothlaw / Reddit

16. “What are these markings found in a field on Google Maps?.”

  • Usually, these are surveying trenches used to check if there is anything archeologically significant under a field before developers come in and build houses. If they find something, then they dig extra trenches before deciding if it’s worth a full dig. geekypenguin91 / Reddit

Bonus: Found in the ducts under our house.

What do you think this is?

What’s the weirdest discovery you have found out on the Internet?

Preview photo credit Pineapple_Incident17 / Reddit


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