15 People Who Finally Received Their Orders, and Were in for a Surprise

2 years ago

When it comes to shopping, nothing can beat the convenience of ordering products online. The selection is huge, you can always find great deals, and most importantly, you can order whatever you want from the comfort of your couch. But sometimes, when you receive and open the long-awaited order, it looks nothing like the image on the website.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything also love online shopping, and sometimes the items we received didn’t really match our expectations. And the heroes of this article definitely know how it feels.

“Ordered online and was sent only one right shoe. They ’fixed’ the issue by sending me two more right shoes.”

“I got this instead of a yarn toy.”

“The clothes I ordered online still have security tags on them.”

“Lesson learned to not order anything in a glass bottle that will be shipped via a delivery service.”

“Part of the flowers I ordered online. Happy Valentines Day.”

“I ordered wheels for my truck. Only 3 came.”

“What we ordered vs what we got (featuring my dog)”

“I ordered the robe of a millionaire’s wife.”

“Your order was delivered.”

“After 2 months, my book set finally arrived. I opened it up to discover that there were 2 copies of the second book and no copies of the first one.”

“The store manager said we just need to fluff the branches more.”

“When you order 4×4 rolls of toilet paper from the online store and they deliver this.”

“My wife ordered a new screen protector. This is what she got right out of the box.”

“Ordered a Gromit coffee mug online...”

“The Nintendo DS I ordered got ’misplaced.’ They delivered an empty box.”

Have you ever experienced a similar situation? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Beautiful_Fishing569 / Reddit


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