15 People Who Are the Spitting Image of Their Relatives

2 years ago

If you take a look around you and your relatives, you will see that many of them look a lot alike. You might look exactly like your parents or even your grandparents, with people always pointing out these similarities. So you’d think that these genetic games wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. But every time we see someone looking like their ancestors, we can’t help but be amazed by their similarities.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves seeing how genes carry on through different generations, and we’d love to share 15 pictures showcasing this.

1. “My Norwegian great-grandmother and I look quite a bit alike.”

2. “A side by side photo of myself and my grandpa when he was in the army, taken in 1958.”

3. Is it a beard or are they copy-pasted?

4. “Some people say my daughter and I look alike.”

5. “My great-uncle and me”

6. “The similarities between my clone — I mean, my son and me...”

7. “I’ve always been told I was my dad’s twin.”

8. “The right picture is my boyfriend’s ear and the left picture is our daughter’s ear. They have the same small indent that looks like a hole.”

9. “My dad and I look exactly the same.”

10. “My 30-year-old self and my 7-year-old son — I think he kind of looks like me.”

11. “Me in the mid-’90s and my son in 2020 — not quite the same pose, but I like seeing the similarities!”

12. “That’s me (left), and my son (right), 26 years apart.”

13. “That’s me on the left and my daughter on the right (1 year old).”

14. “My grandmother, my mother, and me”

15. “My maternal grandmother and me! Genes are funny.”

Are the genetics in your family as powerful as those of the people shown above? We’d really like to see some photos if you want to share them.

Preview photo credit bubsthechamp / reddit


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