15+ Pics That Will Make You Look and Think Longer Than You Wanted To

2 years ago

Everyone is entitled to the freedom of self-expression, even if their personal style or taste may not fit society’s general standards. And while some people’s methods or outputs may be confusing for most of us, we have to admire their creativity and courage to break away from the norms. Plus, a bit of imagination and sense of humor can help make things more interesting.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 18 photos that would easily grab your attention and engage your brain because of their extraordinary or perplexing nature.

1. “Built my own skates instead of buying them”

2. “When you only have enough time to shave one leg”

3. “Found this beauty on a stroll yesterday. Next-generation?”

4. “Custom car wrap”

5. Fashion, I’ll never understand thee.

6. “Strange pants table. I hope it doesn’t come to life and stomp around the office. Owner says it is art.”

7. “A local bunny I found this summer.”

8. “I saw it on the ferry today and I couldn’t ask why.”

9. “Just saw these shoes.”

10. “This absurdly huge whisk”

11. “My neighbor got a new mailbox.”

12. “I found this denim footstool at a consignment furniture shop.”

13. “That’s the same face I also make when I receive a Christmas sweater.”

14. “This table seating at a 3-star Japanese restaurant in Omaha”

15. “A friend got some new glasses with heels.”

16. “Feather and leather design”

17. “An odd mannequin I found at a mall today.”

18. “I call it ’I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.’ I put a happy meal in framed resin for fun.”

What has your “amaze-meter” shown? Has the universe puzzled you with something unique and unusual before? Have you got any proof? Please show it to us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit flowersontrees / reddit


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