10 Celebrities Whose Life Blossomed After Changing Genders

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If you are born biologically male or female, that is your assigned gender at birth. However, as individuals mature and become more self-aware, some may discover that this classification doesn’t align with their personal identity. These individuals may identify with a gender that is different from their assigned sex and may seek to transition to their desired gender. We believe in supporting and celebrating these individuals as they embrace their true selves and thrive in their lives.

1. Elliot Page

Elliot Page is a Canadian actor and producer who was born on February 21, 1987, as Ellen Page and assigned female at birth. Elliot was widely known by the name Ellen until December 2020 when he announced his transition. In a Twitter post, Elliot shared that he is transgender and his preferred pronouns are he/they, and that he now goes by the name Elliot. Elliot expressed gratitude for having arrived at this point in his life and shared his journey with his followers.

2. Mj Rodriguez

Born on January 7, 1991, Mj Rodriguez is a talented actress who has pursued her passion since childhood. She began her career by performing in theater productions and appearing in various TV shows. In 2016, Mj began the process of transitioning and re-emerged as a transgender actress. Her remarkable performance in the television series Pose earned her a Golden Globe award for “best actress” in 2022.

3. Kim Petras

Kim Petras, a German native, always dreamed of becoming a pop star and moved to Los Angeles with only $550 and a passion for music. Her dream came true when her debut single reached the top of Spotify’s Global Viral Top 50 in 2017, and even featured a cameo from Paris Hilton in its music video. However, Kim emphasizes that she discovered herself and wasn’t discovered by anyone else. As the first openly transgender performer to sing at the VMAs and the MTV Europe Music Awards, Kim is breaking records and making history in the music industry.

4. Laverne Cox

Gilbert Flores/Broadimage/Broad Image/East News

Laverne Cox, born on May 29, 1972, rose to fame for her remarkable performance in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. Her talent and hard work paid off in 2014 when she made history as the first transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. The following year, Time magazine recognized her influence and impact by including her in their “100 Most Influential People” list. In addition, Laverne made history as the first openly transgender person to grace the covers of Time, British Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Essence magazines.

5. Janet Mock

Janet Mock, a celebrated writer, has a history of making groundbreaking achievements in her career. She made history as the first transgender woman of color to be hired as a writer for a TV series when she joined the team of Pose. Later, she made history again by signing a 3-year deal with Netflix, becoming the first black transgender woman to achieve an overall deal with a major studio.

Janet’s inspiration to write came from the lack of positive representation of her experience in the media. Her desire to tell the truth and share her own story motivated her to pursue writing. As she put it, “my career really started when I stepped forward and told my own story.”

6. Indya Moore


Indya Moore is an actress and model born on January 17, 1995, who gained popularity for her role in Pose. Time magazine recognized Indya’s influence by including her in the “100 Most Influential People of the Year” in 2019. Indya identifies as non-binary and transgender and prefers the pronouns they/them and she/her.

7. Hunter Schafer

Hunter Schafer, a successful model and actor, gained prominence playing Jules on HBO’s Euphoria. As a transgender woman, Hunter appreciated the complexity of her character, which was not solely focused on gender issues. She collaborated with the show’s creator to ensure the authenticity of Jules’ experiences.

Hunter views her role as a way to represent and inspire the younger generation who are looking for relatable stories. “It’s really exciting to me because that story will be accessible,” she said. Hunter herself understands the importance of finding representation, having searched for people with similar experiences as a teenager.

8. Asia Kate Dillon


Asia Kate Dillon was born on November 15, 1984. The actor is non-binary and prefers singular they/them pronouns. Dillon is best known for their roles in the TV series, Orange Is the New Black, and Billions. Dillon claims that gender is a large spectrum that is not limited by male and female genders, and that’s why the actor stopped using gendered pronouns in relation to themselves.

9. Josie Totah

FayesVision / WENN.com/agefotostock/East News, Jeffrey Mayer/Broad Image/East News

Josie Totah is a popular actress known for her role in the Disney Channel series, Jessie. Born on August 5, 2001, Josie publicly came out as a trans woman in 2018 and wrote an article for Time magazine about her transitioning journey. In the article, Josie shared that she had always wished to be a girl since she was 5 years old, long before understanding what the word gender meant. Her brave decision to come out has inspired many people in the LGBTQ+ community.

10. Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard, a comedian and activist, has been using the pronouns she/her for some time now. Recently, she also announced her desire to be referred to as “Suzy” by others. “I am going to be Suzy Eddie Izzard, that is how I will proceed. So people can choose what they like. They cannot make a mistake. They cannot go wrong with me,” she stated.


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I truly appreciate that these people are living their lives to the fullest and I hope that they keep doing so.


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