15+ People Who Prayed for Ordinary, But Got Extraordinary Instead

3 weeks ago

Some people seem to have more bad luck than others. They experience terrible inconveniences that make them want to crawl back into bed. However, these individuals have turned their misfortune into something positive by telling hilarious stories about their misadventures. That’s why we’re going to delve into the stories of those who started their day like everyone else. Only to end it with a story to tell.

1. ’’’Forget about the arctic cold and surf the lake,’ they said. ’It’ll be fun,’ they said.’’

2. Shawn Mendes got a sunburn.

3. «Hubby who’s been unemployed for 9 months finally landed a job. 5 minutes after clocking in, he trips on some carpet and breaks his leg.»

4. «It is stuck in the locked position.»

5. “Dog ate my Animal Crossing.”

6. “They charged me $2.37 to add tomatoes to 3 crunchy tacos. This is how many tomatoes I got.”

7. “So I just got catfished by an open house.”

8. «My sunburn a few years ago. If you look in the low-center area, you can see that I was actually burned THROUGH my sports bra.»

9. “This is why the sun does not wake me up in the morning.”

10. “On my flight.”

11. “The way my flatmate changed the roll of toilet paper.”

12. “Bought tickets for me and my dad to see a concert, and this is my seat.”

13. «Most inconsistent sunburn ever»

14. «For a month, I thought I had lost my wedding ring. I called gas stations and pawn shops. We realized it was under my husband’s deodorant.»

15. «I’m a beginner beekeeper, and I am told that a sting to the face is a rite of passage. So I have that going for me.»

16. «Sunburns? I fell asleep by the pool a few summers ago.»

As if the universe wasn’t done messing with us, buckle up for 15 people whose unlucky circumstances will make you want to reach out and give them a big hug.


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