15 People Whose Transformation Through the Years Will Shock You

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Puberty can be a very cruel period in many people’s lives, with many of them having to go through acne, braces and other stuff. But it’s not only puberty that can be harsh on people, but also a lifestyle that keeps them away from reaching their potential. That’s why when people finally manage to reach their goals, they are so happy to shout it from the rooftops.

1. “15 to 18 I’m pretty happy with the improvement.”

2. “What a 10 year difference can do.”

3. “It’s funny how you can accidentally strike the same pose in 2 pictures, 15 years apart.”

4. “Out-of-breath face vs cool face.”

5. “Decided to lose my cheeks.”

6. “12 years difference. The only addition to the family is in my belly.”

7. “Working out and eating healthy is a fountain of youth.”

8. What 7 years can do.

9. “One of my mom’s favorite pictures recreated a quarter-century later for Mother’s Day.”

10. “Nearly 2 years of hard work and dedication.”

11. “I’m going to put these in a side-by-side frame for my mom for her birthday. This is me,15 years apart.”

12. “13 to 23: what 10 years can do.”

13. “27 to 29.”

14. “My parents recreated this family portrait with my brother and me over the weekend. There are 15 years between these pics.”

15. “Got mildly better at grooming over the years.”

Preview photo credit _gabi2g / Reddit


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