15 People Who Seem to Have Totally Run Out of Luck for Just a Day

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We never know where and when a bad thing can happen to us. It might seem like a nice day when everything should be going well, and then suddenly, something breaks our peaceful routine, knocking us off-balance. And even though we have to deal with the consequences of these events, staying calm and having a sense of humor are key here, just like the heroes of our article did.

“I picked up an old bottle of hair dye, and it broke in my hand.”

“I left it on the windowsill of the bathroom in case I ever wanted to use it again and finally went to throw it out. At least, now I know sunlight makes plastic brittle.”

“Hopefully you’re having a better day than I am.”

“Yearbook photo from my first year as a teacher. The guy took my picture, saw it, said we’re all good, and I didn’t think about it again until the yearbook came out.”

“I used a bath bomb and I don’t want to take this bath anymore.”

“I was told to choose a watermelon with a yellow spot and veins. This is what I got.”

“My co-worker accidentally broke 40+ plates.”

“I thought this was a win for a second, until I realized there’s no mold in the picture.”

“That was loud.”

“I spilled my tea on the floor. You too, life!”

“My house is for sale and vacant, and the buyers’ inspection was Friday. Between then and this morning, the toilet tank upstairs decided to overflow.”

“The jeep was abandoned after the driver got too confident.”

“Breaking news: Local idiot spills spaghetti on her bed.”

“I spent a few hours powder coating some clamps in windy conditions, and didn’t realize that I was misting myself. I had a respirator on and my face was red with a respirator outline, arms red, hair red and clothing red.”

“Today, a new worker joined our company. His working day started like this.”

“I ordered a sandwich through a food delivery service and got this. I really feel sorry for the person who ordered this.”

Preview photo credit obiwankepuppy / Reddit


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