15+ People Whose Age Is One Big Question Mark

2 years ago

Guessing people’s age can be a tricky game to play, especially for those who do not fit into the stereotypes. Some older people still look like teenagers, while other younger kids give off mature or adult vibes. There are many factors that affect one’s appearance — including lifestyle choices and genetics.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 18 photos of people that will confuse you with their actual age.

1. “My work ID picture, taken a month ago. I’m 40 years old.”

2. “I am so happy to turn 29 years old today. Sending greetings from Kenya.”

3. “12-year-old me after a shopping trip with my father. I look like I’m about to ask for the manager.”

4. “My dad looked like a pre-midlife crisis businessman... when he was 17.”

5. “Matronly 40-year-old Korean librarian? Nope! Just me, a 12-year-old boy.”

6. “Being 14, looking 40”

7. “My close friend sent me a picture of himself at the age of 10, and I thought it may have been his mother...”

8. “My grandfather at 15. 1933”

9. “My mom in 1978... at 13 years old”

10. “Hi, I am 18.”

11. “Me, at age 16”

12. “Found this 6th grade graduation pic...”

13. “Someone told me to post my face here. I’m 17.”

14. “This photo was taken about a week before my 14th birthday.”

15. “My hair is getting to the stage where I look like every teen did on their MySpace page in the early 2000s. This is my ’nobody understands me’ face. Yes, I am 37. No, mom, it’s not a phase.”

16. “My dad started balding at around 17.”

17. “I got my first car!”

18. “My dad got me a new bike. I’m 41 and over the moon with it!”

Do you think it’s better to look younger or older than you feel? Why? Do you know someone who doesn’t look their age? Share a photo with us!

Preview photo credit TheLemonChiffonPie / Reddit


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