15 People Whose Mind Playfully Deceived Them

2 years ago

The expression “Not everything is what it seems” perfectly describes the pareidolia phenomenon. It happens when you look at your cat’s toe beans, and a nose is all you can see, for example. Although it might take you aback at first glance, it’s quite an amusing experience.

Now I’ve Seen Everything invites you into a display of what it’s like to have a fertile imagination.

1. “Wanted a cute picture of my cat’s toe beans, but all I can see is a nose.”

2. “The lighting through the arch strangely resembles my dog.”

3. “The dog’s name is Mandog.”

4. “A sad monster”

5. “This cloud is shaped like the Grinch!”

6. “Even my coffee cup didn’t want to get up this morning.”

7. “This blob of conditioner looks like a sleepy kitten.”

8. “The sliced cheese looks like the cow’s face.”

9. “Sliced an apple to find a spooky face inside.”

10. “This peanut I found looks like a duck.”

11. “This puddle looks like an orca.”

12. “Is it me or does this upside-down picture of a tiger chin look like a weird otter?”

13. “Taking a photo of this horse made its shadow look like a boxing kangaroo.”

14. “The shadow of my bananas looks like a cat.”

15. “Happy water buffalo at the dentist”

What cool sights have you seen in this game of angles? Let us know!

Preview photo credit Few-Independence1536 / Reddit


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