A Little Girl Was Bullied and Called a “Monster” Because of Her Birthmark, Now She Found Her Inner Princess

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No child should ever be subject to ridicule or made to feel inferior due to their unique qualities. Luna’s mother held a profound understanding of this truth. Witnessing her beloved child being mocked ignited an unwavering determination within her to effect change. United with her supportive husband, they wholeheartedly committed themselves to restoring their daughter’s joyous laughter.

At birth, Luna had a significant birthmark known as a nevus.

Poor little mite ... but she looks like a very well loved & a very happy little girl. I just hope that she won't have her heart broken by any cruel humans.


Carolina and her husband, Thiago Tavares, embarked on their parenting journey in Florida with no preconceived notions. However, the moment they set eyes on their newborn baby, the magnitude of the extraordinary adventure that lay ahead became clear to them. Overwhelmed with happiness, they warmly embraced their daughter, Luna Tavares-Fenner, as she entered their lives and filled their home with love.

Carolina couldn’t suppress the persistent inner voice urging her to seize an opportunity, and gazing at Luna, she comprehended that it was undeniably worthwhile. Luna entered the world with a distinctive birthmark, a dark patch that gracefully adorned a substantial portion of her innocent face, resembling the iconic mask worn by Batman. This remarkable mark graced her eyes, nose, cheeks, and forehead.

Not everyone shared the same thoughts and feelings about her uniqueness.

Carolina vividly recalls a distressing incident where an insensitive woman made hurtful remarks about her beloved daughter, cruelly labeling her as a “monster.” Those words inflicted deep wounds upon Carolina, leaving her feeling profoundly hurt and upset. The mere thought of someone causing her daughter emotional pain was unbearable, prompting Carolina to make a resolute decision.

Placing the well-being of their cherished princess as their top priority, the Tavares family embarked on a transformative journey that led them beyond the borders of the United States. In 2019, Carolina bravely shared their choice to travel in search of specialized treatment for Luna, even in the face of criticism and doubt from others.

Carolina’s maternal instinct drove her to surpass conventional limits in her dedication to her daughter.

United as a team, Carolina and her husband embarked on a tireless endeavor to raise funds, receiving support from both anonymous benefactors and their community. They regarded these acts of kindness as nothing less than miraculous.

Their relentless efforts bore fruit when they received the diagnosis that Luna was affected by congenital melanocytic nevus, the cause of the dark moles on her face. Fortunately, their journey overseas resulted in remarkable advancements after a few surgeries, mitigating the risk of skin cancer. The medical professionals were astounded by Luna’s exceptional cooperation, considering the typical fear children often experience during medical procedures.

Luna’s doctor shared that the nevus had almost vanished after six surgeries.

Poor little mite to have to undergo all that pain at such a young age. She's a pretty little girl who I'm sure is a blessing to all who meet her.


Luna’s enchanting and joyful disposition continues to captivate everyone in her presence. Her infectious smile and radiant hair exude hope and happiness, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the pleasure of meeting her.

During the Easter celebration on April 9, 2023, Luna radiated sheer happiness, exuding pure joy as she posed affectionately with her adoring parents. Each moment spent in the company of her mom and dad ignited a profound sense of excitement within her. They cherished Luna wholeheartedly, showering her with boundless love and delightful surprises, constantly striving to create a whimsical and enchanting world for her.

Oh WoW! What a fantastic change for Luna! She's certainly a very pretty little girl ... & I'll bet that she's gained & shared so much strength thorough all her ordeals that she'll have a huge impact on the world as she grows up ...


Undoubtedly, Luna’s future is adorned with a radiant glow and boundless potential, all owing to the unwavering dedication and limitless love of her parents. It is impossible not to envision a future brimming with love, joy, and extraordinary accomplishments for Luna.

Miraculous work by the surgical teams and all the love from her parents, family & friends ... as well as many around the world who will have been following her story over the years.


And just by that, meet Little Nicole, whose mom has found a brilliant way to celebrate his unique birthmark, turning it into a source of pride and joy, embracing his uniqueness and spreading positivity.


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