17 Movie Bloopers That Escaped the Watchful Eyes of Cinephiles

9 months ago

The creation of a film is a painstaking process involving the efforts of hundreds of people. However, even with the largest budget and the exhaustive work of the production team, mistakes and flaws are inevitable. Sometimes, movies are released with bloopers that were not noticed by filmmakers but are later discovered by audiences like us.

In the movie Catch Me If You Can, Amy Adams’ character wears braces, which had not been invented in those years.

In the movie Don’t Look Up, the gloves on the main heroine’s hands appear and disappear during the discovery scene.

In the same movie, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character leaves his phone in the car phone mount. But as soon as he steps out of his car, his phone is already in his pocket.

During the closing credits of the movie Don’t Look Up, the bag of Jonah Hill’s character is floating around in space. But in the next scene, you can see it on the character’s hand.

In the comedy Marry Me, the call on Jennifer Lopez’s phone screen is still active, even though she’s already finished it, according to the story.

A banana slice that stuck to the main character’s cheek in the movie Cruella becomes bigger in a matter of seconds.

In the movie House of Gucci, Lady Gaga’s character is listening to music on her portable cassette player. But these players weren’t introduced until a year after the events shown in the movie.

In the movie The Lost City, Sandra Bullock’s character wears a very tight jumpsuit that has no pockets. So, where did she keep her phone?

In the same movie, Daniel Radcliffe’s character travels by car. But a few moments earlier, you can see that there is no one on the passenger’s seat.

In Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, people in the street disappear and reappear during the meeting of Dumbledore and Credence.

And the passengers of the tram where the wizards have teleported behave like nothing strange or dangerous is happening.

In the movie Casino Royale, the armrest under the character’s right arm changes its position constantly.

In the action movie Red Notice, Dwayne Johnson’s character hands a glass of water to Ryan Reynolds. But in the next shot, Dwayne is holding the glass again.

The old car found in the same movie would have never started because the battery would’ve been flat after 90 years of storage.

Robert De Niro’s character in the movie The War with Grandpa grabs his right knee after falling. But his left knee is bandaged afterward.

It’s not quite clear how Wonder Woman manages to carry a huge sword behind her back.

But most importantly, how does she take it out of there? You can’t do it with one motion because a person’s hands are not long enough for this.

In the movie “Dallas Buyers Club,” Matthew McConaughey’s character suffered from an incurable illness that affected his appearance.

However, for some reason, the illness did not affect his perfect teeth.

In the movie Moulin Rouge, Satine dances in a dress with thin straps. After a few shots, we see her wearing a costume with wider straps, and the top of the dress looks different.

We love finding amusing mistakes in movies. If you also enjoy searching for bloopers in films, take a look at this article.


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