15 People Whose Physique Changed in Striking Ways

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For whatever personal reason, many of us have once decided to try to transform our bodies, whether it means losing or gaining weight. However, only the persistent ones manage to get the results they were reaching for. After overcoming the obstacles, they often turn to social media to proudly share their before-and-after.

Now I’ve Seen Everything takes the hat off to those who push to meet their goals, and shows you a few examples of how determination pays off.

1. “220 lbs lost in 3 years of hard work and dedication”

2. “80 lb lost over 1 year — had to celebrate my 1-year mark somewhere!”

3. “Exactly 2 years ago I started to take weight loss seriously and it was the best decision of my life.”

4. “From 98 lbs to 148 lbs in 1 year and 8 months”

5. “55 kg lost in 2 years, cardio and weight training”

6. “50 lb lost in 3 months. Halfway to my goal and already feeling much better!”

7. “Roughly 2 years’ progress, 30 lb more to go”

8. “57 lb lost in 7 months, plus a 3-month maintenance break in between.”

9. “Lost 115 lbs”

10. “Working on losing about 20 more lb and saving for a 360 lower body lift and medial thigh lift.”

11. “Almost 3 years since I chnaged my lifestyle. I’ll never give up on myself again.”

12. “40 lb lost, a 2-year difference!”

13. “I am halfway there, down 20 pounds. Baby’s getting bigger and I’m getting smaller.”

14. “Lost 115 lbs in just under 2 years by lifting, running, and doing intermittent fasting.”

15. “2 years, daily walks (2.5 to 3 miles) and Weight Watchers freestyle plan — the bulk of my weight loss took 18 months.”

Have you ever lost a lot of weight and if yuo did, how did you manage to achieve your goal?

Preview photo credit RollTide615 / Reddit


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