18 Oddly Genius Designs That We Wish We Had Thought of First

2 years ago

You don’t need a degree in architecture or design to create something that everyone will admire. All you need is your creativity and a willingness to think in a non-conventional way. In fact, these two characteristics might just be what every designer needs to create the best products in the world.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is in awe of these great minds that manage to think outside the box and produce things everyone can’t stop staring at.

1. Unfortunately, you can’t eat this bench.

2. “I went to an old hospital in Oakland, California, and the toilet seats have independently moving left and right seat sides.”

3. Wise recycling of IKEA bags

4. “A business shirt shop in London has pegs for clothes designed as collars.”

5. A ghost sculpture in the castle of Vezio, Italy

6. “This emergency exit sign”

7. Bags at an optometrist’s office in D.C.

8. “My Cup Noodles lid is also a cat that greets you when you open it halfway.”

9. “This railing on the gazebo in Naples has braille describing the view for blind people.”

10. This baggie design

11. An optical illusion design of crosswalks

12. “This 1 cup milk pitcher”

13. “The department of fisheries in India”

14. “This wavy designed guitar”

15. “A cartoon-style sign for a café”

16. “Paper clip bicycle racks in Washington, D.C.”

17. “A dry cleaning stall in Singapore that looks like a giant washing machine”

18. Just the perfect pasta ad

Have you ever seen a design that seemed weird at first but then you realized how genius it was?


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