15 Pics of Couples Whose Love Didn’t Miss a Beat Through the Years

2 years ago

In America alone, there are over 876,000 divorces being issued every single year, which means 1 divorce every 36 seconds. That is why it’s so refreshing to see couples passing the test of time. It gives us hope that true love is somewhere around the corner and it can be sustained if both partners put in their best efforts.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wishes that everyone can find the person that will make them happy for the rest of their lives.

1. “My wife and I met 15 years ago today in the line up for a water slide.”

2. “61 years together”

3. “Grandparents, then and now”

4. “Me and my girlfriend when we first met vs now. The regretful emo phase.”

5. “40 years later — and that’s my original high-school jean jacket.”

6. “My parents by their tree in 1975 and now in 2016.”

7. “My parents celebrated 40 years of marriage in the same chapel where they wed.”

8. “My parents at their wedding in 1982 and at my sister’s wedding in 2015.”

9. “My parents are celebrating their 69th wedding anniversary!”

10. “He proposed 7 times before she said yes. Here they are 60 years later. Happy anniversary grandma & grandpa!”

11. “My parents got married at 20 and raised 2 hot-headed and stubborn girls so young. Today they celebrate 30 years together!”

12. “10 years ago I ’asked out’ a cute girl. Last week I asked her to be my wife. Crazy how fast time goes.”

13. “My grandparents, 58 years ago and today”

14. “My parents have been together 30 years, this is a photo from their vacation in Punta Cana.”

15. “Here’s my parents celebrating in 1983 and in 2013.”

Do you have any couples in your family that managed to stay together for a really long time while maintaining their love for each other?

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